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June 9, 2022
Governor Abbott Directs DPS, TEA, THECB To Expand And Accelerate Implementation Of iWatch Texas Program To Report Suspicious Activity
Office of the Texas Governor

"Governor Greg Abbott...sent a letter directing Texas Department of Public Safety..., Texas Education Agency..., and Texas Higher Education Coordinating expand and accelerate their efforts to promote the ability to report suspicious activity known to students, staff, and families through the iWatchTexas reporting system."

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New York Times: Gun Control Less Popular Than Advertised

"By now you’ve seen the claim countless times. According to gun control advocates and their media lapdogs, some 90-percent of Americans support the criminalization of private firearm transfers – misleadingly termed by its proponents as 'universal background checks.' In a rare instance of journalistic integrity, the New York Times has published an article debunking this bogus gun control talking point." 

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Uvalde and Police "Duty"
GUNS Magazine

"Father’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift to give the father in your life or don’t have an answer for when your wife or kids ask what you’re hoping to receive, we’ve got you covered with picks from our staff and editors..." 

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6 Concealed Carry Skills That Are Truly Necessary
USA Carry

"As a perpetual student of this craft, I often consider what defensive pistol skills are...necessary, for the armed citizen to prevail in the face of most violent encounters. The reality remains that those of us who think about this stuff, teach it, write about it, and often train in it, are enthusiasts who quickly lose perspective on what the average concealed carrier thinks...So, when considering what skills are needed for the non-enthusiast who will spend little, if any, time thinking about or training for violence, what skills should we urge them to prioritize?" 

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Training Toward a More Complete Skillset
Primary & Secondary

"We regularly emphasize the importance of training, but we don’t point out enough that training itself doesn’t provide all the answers."

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Body Armor for Armed Citizens
Active Response Training

"People are getting worried.  In response to the recent high-profile mass shootings, lots of legislators are hinting about restricting the sale of body armor to private citizens...With restrictions possibly forthcoming, I’ve fielded so many questions on the topic that I realized I had to write an article on the topic."

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Does Age Affect Self-Defense Rights?
The Armed Attorneys
TxHGA's Extra Shot...

The AR-15 – Time To Set The Record Straight
The Well Armed Woman Night-Vision Devices: A tactical advantage to own the night
Special Ops Magazine
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Massad Ayoob: Three reasons why you need to carry extra ammo and magazines [VIDEO]
Wilson Combat
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CMP Affiliated Club
CMP Announcements:

The Midland Shooters Association is holding a CMP Match Pistol on 6/25/22, 7/23/22, 8/27/22, 9/24/22, 10/22/22, & 11/26/22 in Midland, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Clay Cherry at

The Franklin Mountain Gun Club is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 6/25/22, 7/31/22, 8/14/22, 10/9/22, 10/30/22, & 12/11/22 in El Paso, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Lawrence Kimpell at

The Brazos Valley Services Rifle Association is holding an As Issued Military/Carbine Match on 7/2/22, 8/6/22, 9/3/22, 10/1/22, 11/5/22, & 12/3/22 in Lyons, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: William Wehrheim at

The Northwest Texas Field & Stream Association is holding a Pistol & Rimfire Pistol Match on 9/24/22 in Wichita Falls, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Roger Kroes at

The Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club is holding a Match Pistol on 11/13/22 in Terrell, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: John Jebavy at

The Bayou Rifles, Inc. & Jr. Div. is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 12/31/22 in Juliff (Near Houston), TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Glenn Edgard at
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