April 19, 2018
Congressional Republicans Target Citibank After Anti-Gun Moves
Bearing Arms

Citibank made it clear: it is not a fan of the Second Amendment. It also paved the way for outfits like Bank of America to take a swing at the Second Amendment, too.

Well, now, they have to deal with the ramifications of that action. It seems some Republican lawmakers are looking to do a little swinging back at the financial giant.

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Illinois county votes to become ‘sanctuary’ for gun owners

The board of a Central Illinois county on Monday overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring the region a “sanctuary county” for gun owners.

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PRODUCT SHOWCASE - TCHA's Standardized LTC Lesson Plan/Workbook

This workbook covers the Texas "License to Carry" Training Requirements to Legally Carry a Handgun in the State of Texas and is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The 2015 Edition (Revised 2017) is based on the changes that occurred during the 84th & 85th legislative sessions (e.g., open carry, campus carry, use of restraint holsters, place of worship volunteer security, storing & transporting of firearms & ammo by a LTC in a school parking lot, etc...). The workbook follows TCHA's Standardized LTC PowerPoint Lesson Plan. [8.5 x 11 and Spiral-Bound.]

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Civilian tourniquet use associated with six-fold reduction in mortality
Trauma System News

Although several studies have looked at tourniquet use in civilian settings, the survival benefit for patients was unclear. However, new research from Texas shows that for civilian patients with peripheral vascular injury, prehospital tourniquet use is associated with dramatically improved odds of survival.

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R. Lee Ermey (Gunny), A Firearms Legend, Has Passed Away
Concealed Nation

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of R. Lee Ermey. In the last hour, his manager released a statement on the official Facebook page...

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Wrong Diner
In remembrance of R. Lee Ermey (Gunny)
Ace Hardware Resumes Laura Ingraham Advertising, Sparking Outrage
Huffington Post

Ace Hardware has reportedly decided to resume advertising on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News talk show, a week after announcing it would quit ads with the conservative commentator. 

A spokeswoman for the hardware chain told The Wrap the company had “incomplete information” when it decided to stop advertising on “The Ingraham Angle.”

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Handgun Shooting for the Cross Dominant

Many people can go their entire lives without knowing eye dominance exists. No one needs to identify a dominant eye for reading, walking, watching television, or scrolling through social media feeds. The few areas of life where eye dominance is an issue are optometry and sports that require alignment between multiple objects along a narrow visual plane. This would include pistol shooting.

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Can You Make a Shoot or Don’t Shoot Decision in 2 Seconds?
USA Carry
Can you make an effective split-second decision about employing deadly force in self-defense? Well, scientific research says it should take you and your brain about 13 milliseconds to see and interpret a deadly-force event.

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5 Critical Mistakes Made by Defensive Gun Owners
NRA Shooting Illustrated

Working in the field of personal defense, I make an effort to keep informed about defensive techniques, equipment and training. The most-obvious thing I see is that there is a lot of good gear and ideas out there. However, it is also obvious that there are some folks who, though they seem well-meaning, come up with some faulty information and ideas.

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TCHA Extra Shot...

Guard shoots 3 suspected burglars at Katy Freeway gun store
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Woman calls cops on man playing with his kids at park because she was afraid of his pro-gun shirt
The Blaze
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Prowler Sent Packing Thanks to Security Cameras and Armed Dad
Concealed Nation
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