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July 14, 2022
Politicians Defy the Supreme Court's Ruling on the Right To Bear Arms
Reason Foundation

"After the Supreme Court upheld the right to bear arms last month, some states promptly complied with the ruling by eliminating subjective requirements for carrying a gun in public. But other states are either dragging their feet or refusing to acknowledge the decision's implications."

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UPS issues new rules for shipping firearm parts – serial numbers now required
Liberty Park Press

"United Parcel Service has issued new rules for shipping firearms and firearm parts, but the announcement comes a week after UPS cancelled the accounts of gun retailers who may have violated the rules that weren’t yet made public or even in effect." 

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An Easy Way To Train Dropping What's In Your Hands
Active Self Protection Extra
Do Americans Love Guns?
Concealed Carry Inc.

"...I'm not claiming to speak for all gun owners or all Americans by any means. And while I enjoy shooting firearms, train people how to use them and own a few of my own, I don't love guns. However, I love something about firearms." 

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Can You Deploy Your Life Saving Tools in Any Dress?
USA Carry

"...Smaller guns are a reality, at least on certain, likely many, occasions for those who live and interact in the real world. Along with smaller guns, however, comes the often-necessary step of changing our carry mode to accommodate different than usual clothing. Generally, the deeper the concealment, the slower deploying the pistol becomes...I find that most concealed carriers, myself included, don’t spend as much time practicing from the selected deep concealment mode as we do from our standard carry mode, and this is obviously a training oversight." 

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Armed — In Plain Sight, When You Can’t Carry
GunMag Warehouse

"As I walked through the security checkpoint, the guard looked me over for visible weapons. He spied the clip on my left pocket and pointed at it. With a smile, I withdrew the flashlight that was clipped there and held it up for him to see. I’m certain he initially thought that it was a knife clipped to my pocket, but when he saw that it was 'only' a flashlight, he nodded me through the checkpoint."

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Storing Ammo For the End of The World (Or Your Next Range Trip)
Pew Pew Tactical

"If you're like us, more ammo is more better. With this guide, you can store ammo for the End of Days, or just buy in bulk for your next range trip."

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Texas Handgun Association's
Q & A
by Larry Arnold
I was recently at a Barnes and Noble store and suddenly they secured the doors because a man was carrying an automatic rifle in the parking lot. The man was allowed to wander the parking lot free to do what he wanted, no police ever showed up.  

My question is at what point is this man a threat? And my question to the manager of the Barnes and Noble was "why are we worried when he is within his rights to do so." But, at what point would he be a threat to someone? If He approached me, and I felt threatened, and if I had a gun myself, would I be within my rights to pull out my gun and point it at him? Or shoot him?  

The laws are ambiguous as when I looked up the laws I saw that he was totally within his rights.  

Another instance was that my sister, who is a teacher for a national dance convention tour, was at an event with hundreds of kids. This was at Houston Galleria Mall, when a man entered the ballroom area of the hotel carrying an Automatic rifle. He walked from ballroom to ballroom looking in each room as if he was searching for something. Was he within his rights? No Hotel security or police ever showered up that I saw and the man left out a door never to be seen again. And to my knowledge the hotel did not have a ban on guns. 

Now, if I was a parent of one of those children in those ballrooms. What should I do? If I myself have a gun, what would be a reasonable parent's reaction to seeing this? Especially after the events of Uvalde. Wouldn't any parent react for fear that this armed man would start to shoot? If he would have carried this in a school it would be a felony, but what about a mall or a hotel? How do lawmakers expect people to react? Because in any of these situations I myself would feel threatened and would feel that my family is threatened.

I would appreciate some answer to this as it all seems so ambiguous what's legal or not.  Thank you, D.L.

I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legal advice, it’s what I tell my license to carry students.
In Texas it has always been legal to carry a rifle most places. The persons you and your sister observed may have been carrying Armalite-style semiautomatic rifles, but almost certainly would not have been carrying automatic rifles unless they were law enforcement. (I know, that’s nit-picking.)
I personally would consider it extremely foolish to wander around with a rifle or shotgun, particularly under the current circumstances. Although it’s not illegal, I’m surprised law enforcement didn’t at least check him out and ask what he was doing. I can understand your concern. Particularly in your sister’s case, involving children, I would have called 9-1-1.
As far as self-defense, I would read the situation. Keep aware of what else he is doing, besides just focusing on the rifle. Does he appear angry, is he threatening anyone, is he being aggressive, is he aiming the rifle at someone? The only time I would pull my gun (and I’m almost always carrying concealed) is if I thought he was about to shoot someone. If I did feel the need to intervene, I would not challenge or warn him.
I hope this answers your questions.

Larry Arnold is a longtime firearm and LTC Instructor. He also serves as TxHGA’s Legislative Director and Public Information Officer. Larry provides us with answers to the most interesting questions submitted to our office. If you have a question, send it to
How To Spot A Predator
The Well Armed Woman

"Have you ever been somewhere and just get that gut feeling that something is not right? Just a weird vibe you get when walking to your car or while walking through the isles at the store.

Do not ignore this feeling! Consider it a special gift you have, be thankful that you have it, and listen to it.  Here are a few tips on how to spot a predator."

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TxHGA's Extra Shot...

Tactical Revolver Reloads: The Speed Strip
Gun Digest These Are Some Of The Best .22 Caliber Handguns Out There Right Now [VIDEO]
Great American Outdoors
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What the heck is candela? Lumens? Photonic Barriers?? Why should YOU care?
Armed & Styled
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