May 31, 2018
To stop school shootings, use Israel's approach to fighting terror: Texas attorney general
USA Today

American policymakers should look to Israel for guidance. Living constantly with the threat of terrorism, Israel solved the problem of school security long ago by hardening the target and tightening security practices. Every school with 100 or more students has at least one well-trained armed guard stationed at entrances to monitor who comes and goes.

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Commentary: The problem with "common-sense" gun laws
CBS News

"Okay, gun haters -- now what?" That's the question many Second Amendment supporters are asking in the wake of the horrific shooting at Santa Fe High School.  The carnage, the loss of life -- it's all too familiar. And so are the responses from advocates for more restrictive gun laws, often couched by them as "common-sense gun laws." What's different this time is this shooting is inspiring more people to ask the question gun rights' supporters have been raising for years:

What "common-sense gun laws" would have stopped this?

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How To Increase Your Situational Awareness: 6 Tips To Be Safer

...Being Situational Aware will make sure you will have to fight less and be ready when the use of violence is unavoidable.

Situation Awareness is the missing, but crucial link in most self-defense courses.

Want to become less of an oblivious sheep and see danger when it comes? Check out these 6 tips for increasing your Situational Awareness.

Lock Your Damn Doors- 2018 Edition
Active Response Training

Four years ago, I wrote an article titled Lock Your Damn Doors.  In that article I looked at a month’s worth of burglary and theft reports from the city where I worked and tracked how many theft victims had left their houses or cars unlocked before the thefts occurred.

... I decided to repeat the study to see if the victims in my city had learned any lessons in the last few years.

Lessons Leaned: Surviving an Active Vehicle Threat
U.S. & Texas Law Shield
In the first episode of our new series Lessons Learned watch former police officer Austin Davis explain the decisions you have to make when you are deciding to try and act or to try and stay safe when a vehicle driven by a truly evil person is charging at you.
Affordable Handgun Ammo: Is It Up to Par for Your Firearms Use?

A few months ago we received an insightful comment from a reader. He asked us to do an ammunition comparison on inexpensive loads from diverse makers. 

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signals support for two gun control measures after Houston-area school shooting
Fox News

Following last week's deadly shooting at a high school near Houston that left 10 people dead, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he could support some gun control measures..

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Church Security Seminar: You Need Faith and a Firearm

A church security seminar sponsored by the California Rifle and Pistol Association stressed faith and firearms together as integral to keeping congregants safe on Sundays.
5 Things You Didn't Know About NRA, Families & Firearms
NRA Family

... our mission has been to educate law-abiding Americans on the safe and legal use of firearms. Of course, that mission is most important when that person—regardless of age—is brand-new to the world of guns. Naturally, this includes the next generation. 

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Intuit QuickBooks Severs Ties with Gunsite Academy, Reverses Tens of Thousands in Credit Card Charges. Because Guns
The Truth About Guns
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Intuit Strikes Again, Holds $150,000 of Lone Wolf Distributors’ Money
The Truth About Guns
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Mapping Where Firearm Deaths Are Most Prevalent
Zero Hedge
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