<<First Name>>, comic creators are always asking how to sell more comics. I found the answer. And it's not more boobs.
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Hello from the edge of Our Lady of Grace my friend,

So do you want to know the secret to the massive selling comic? I figured it out. What does Saga, Watchmen, and Batman Damnned have in common? Aside from insane sales numbers? I mean what comic creator doesn’t want those numbers? Well you start off with strong story telling, fantastic art, but lots of comics have those going for them, what makes those books so special?

They are unafraid of the penis. All of those books feature a penis prominently, and frequently. They just casually drop the penis on the page for all to see. It’s necessarily gratuitous, it’s not necessarily about titillation, just there is a penis in the scene.

So there you have it. Make great stories, with great art, and remember to drop a penis into the book every now and then.

The Penis: mightier than the sword for comic sales.

We’re still looking for backers on the kickstarter, lots of backers.

We should have some very cool stuff to announce soon, and when we hit 30% we will be doing a live art stream that will be something of an addendum to the first book. It is not a hard core cannon story but something that tickled the back of my brain the right way. The next part of that will be when we hit the 70% funded mark and then a final one when we hit 100%.

Back Now! and #jointheheist
We had debated shutting down and restarting, but in the end we’re pushing ahead, and we need you to come in and #jointheheist. We’re offering a kickass book, we’re now ranked in the top 100 of webtoon’s sci-fi comics based on raw popularity, we hit 35th place but have slipped. We figured out what happened finally, we were featured on the Webtoons editors picks, which accounted for the new subscriber every 7 minutes. It was a nice rush, and we hope to get back there when we launch book 2 in March.
Other cool new is we will be guests TCAF this year. Matt has gone to TCAF several times, but I’ve never been. It’s a show I’ve always wanted to check out and I’m hoping it goes gangbusters for us. We’ll also be at FBDM/MCAF again this year, our home base show and we should land at Montreal Comiccon as well. I’m working on a few ideas for Panels right now, maybe something about making comics, or doing webcomics. My main bit of advise has always been when you think you’ve passed the point of no return keep going, and don’t stop. And of course, put a penis in your book.

Take care and be well

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