<<First Name>>, What happens when you know you will lose? How do you reset you win conditions?
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Hello once more from the edge of Our Lady of Grace,

I know that every person out there says maintaining the email list and making sure you have a good relationship with your e-mail readers is key, but this keeps being the bit I put off. The Kickstarter didn’t fund, I knew it wasn’t going to, but in the last week my goal was to hit the 30% mark.

Apparently 97% of Kickstarters that hit 30% funded actually fund, in the end I wanted to fuck with that number. I was advised to cut the kickstarter and restart, but I felt that would be dishonest, I wanted to run to the end win or lose. Knowing the loss was coming didn’t mean I should take the ball and go home, it meant I should reset, learn and get ready for what come next. You don’t quit when you’re losing, you learn why and do better next time. I reset my personal win conditions, and just wanted to hit that 30% mark.

I love making comics, I love seeing new pages come in, character designs, ideas that I wrote being drawn on the page. I love that you as a reader get to choose what happens in that magic blank space of the gutter between panels. Less than a quarter of an inch think, sometimes non existent, but in that space is the infinite, the power we give to you panel after panel, page after page. Film, novels, TV shows, those mediums occasionally leave you with the question of what happened, but comics makes you choose what happens. Each person hears the voice of Dream differently when we read Sandman, when we read V for Vendetta we don’t know if V is black, white, a man or a woman, the film narrowed those choices down to “he was a white man”. Comic readers feed so much into the experience, you have to make those bridges in your mind, and it’s always your own. As Warren Ellis said “You come in Alone.”

I love bringing new worlds and ideas together, playing in different sandboxes, and I love making Conceptual Heist. The end of book 1 set up what the series is actually about. Because 5 books about a debutante stealing from rich people is uninteresting to me. The story of a thief trying to save the world she from a threat she was once a part of is – in my mind- a much better story. Book 2 will deal with what is growing on the horizon, and expand on Jemma’s world.  When book 2 starts we’ll have a new release schedule: 1 page a week, Monday’s will see the release on the main comic page, and Wednesday’s will have the release on Webtoons. Patreon subscribers will get the pages a week ahead of Webtoons.  At least that’s the plan. 

And as you can see above: Jemma is getting a new look in book 2 as well.

We’re heading into what will probably be the craziest spring for Conceptual Heist to date. We’ll be launching Chapter 6 in the next few weeks, that will lead into our 4th Anniversary since the launch of the series on April 17th. That Morning we will also be launching our second attempt at the trade paperback  Kickstarter.

  • The 20th of April I am aiming to run another one of our watch parties with Matt, and another guest.
  • Then the first weekend of may we will be somewhere for Free comic book day. (We haven’t confirmed where we’ll be but we do aim to be somewhere for the day.)
  • May 11-12th we’ll be at TCAF for the first time, so we’ll finally be there for our Tornoto fans and readers.
  • May 17th-18th we’ll be in Moncton once more for ECCE. We love this show and love coming out to visit everyone there.
  • May 24th-26th we’ll be back in Montreal for Festival bandes dessinee Montreal, or FBDM aka MCAF.
  • May 31st I’ll be watching Good Omens with my wife and spending time with my family. 😊

And we are looking to run another month of #Junemadness, but it will not be a daily run as it has been years previously, but we will be offering multiple updates through the month, but after a month of Cons and a kickstarter we just can’t do daily updates.

So yeah, that’s the plan as it stands right now. I have other stuff in the works as well, but more on that soon.

Take care and be well.


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