<<First Name>>, the iconic superhero fight we've been waiting for! And 4 Years of Conceptual Heist! How will you Celebrate?
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Batman vs. Spider-man
Hello again from the edge of NDG,
MY brother managed to drop a question on me this morning that is an age old one, but because it came by way of my nephews I decided to give it some serious thought.

Who wins in a fight? Batman or Spider-man? This is an old classic one. And while Batman can in theory take on anyone even Superman, Spider-man brings an interesting problem for him: Spidey essentially can dodge anything. And if he can dodge anything care of his spieysense, then Bats has nothing to throw at him. Now given prep and the suit Snyder gave him Bats took down the entire Justice League, and he’d be able to take down Spidey there, but in a straight up fight it’s no contest, as no one Batman has ever faced is like Spider-man.

HOWEVER! Against either Tim drake or Damien as Robin, I believe Spidey would lose. Batman can improvise but he is so focused on the different styles he’d have issues going against Spider-man improvisational style, the youth and cockiness of the two Robins lead to a strong leaning to improv, also Spidey would underestimate them as they’re kids.


Back in March I posted the first image Matt ever drew of Jemma on facebook (See above). That was 4 years ago, and on April 17th we’re celebrating our fourth year of making Conceptual Heist; which coming alongside of my becoming a dad, and getting married, has made it the most amazing 4 years of my life.
I never really expected this at this point, when Conceptual Heist started I figured we’d make it to the end of the first chapter and then it’d end up stopping. Matt is too talented to be stuck along side me. But he has.

Normally we try to do big events for our anniversaries, but this year we’re relaunching the Kickstarter instead. We have a lower goal this time around as we’re only looking to print 500 copies of the book, and the hard cover edition will be a stretch goal. Early backers will also get access to a group of Indy books based on how much is raised the first day. Last time we gave early backers 6 indy books, this time we’ll hopefully be able to give you more.

We will have our prints and other stuff available as well, so come on out and join us to celebrate 4 years of the Heist


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