<<First Name>>, The Math says we'll get there, but how much of a hail Mary is it to raise 9,500$ in 30 Hours? What happens afterwards? Also if you have the chance there's a cool play to go check out instead of watching the Oscars. And a special nod for everyone who makes it to the end.
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Hello from the edge of Our Lady of Grace.
It’s a strange place to be looking down the final barrel of the gun on this project. We hit that critical 30% funded this after noon just before 2 pm my time. Mathematically there is a 97% chance that we’ll be getting the other 9,500$ over the next 30 hours. But I think that math may not be skewing in Conceptual Heist’s favour right now. I’m comfortable with things either way, if it fails it fails and we’ll go back to the drawing board and start work on reviving the Kickstarter again. If it’s successful we’re gonna whop in great amazement and then furiously get to work on what comes next. I like whoping, it’s louder and more guttural than a whoop.

So please come out and back the project if you haven’t already, this is a large one for us, and we have been reaching really high on it. I’ve already started working on the math for the next one and my guess is that the books will be going up in price a bit if we start over.

Back us Now before it's too late!

I started the script for book 2 this week, I still haven’t done the out line I need to do but the first 2 scenes are pretty locked down in my head so I figured I’d start there.

I also happened to read Tom King and Mitch Gerard’s Mister Miracle heart breakingly gorgeous love letter to Jack Kirby’s New Gods the morning before I started on the script. It’s a perfect love letter to Jack Kirby’s New Gods, the page design with the 9 panel grid is amazing.

This of course led me to doing this:

I'm not going to say much about book 2 right now, But I will say that the title of Book 2 is "Jemma's World" and Preacher fans will have a good idea of what to expect for the chapter 6 cover.

In the middle of the last day of the Kicksaterter campaign I went to see a play.

My friend Michael Treder has his (first?) play “l’Appele du Vide” (Call of the Empty) in the Bete Noir Theatre Festival here in Montreal. And asked if I’d be up for doing a review of it. At first I was reticent but Em convinced me to get out of the kickstarter mind frame for a bit and go, do something different. And as usual, she was right.

I like horror, but I can’t take a full diet of it, too often I’ll wind up having nightmares, which I’d rather not have. That said: I love when horror is good and is doing something different.

When a play starts with a young woman dragging a body wrapped in a bed sheet onto the stage you know something interesting is going down. Scares are easy, horrific and gore are easy, upsetting and hitting people emotionally is hard, and that’s what Michael and star Natasha Perry-Fagant manage to do. They use the story of a witch who is so desperate to see a loved one again she risks using a spell that can bring about the end of the world. It’s a slow build over 30 minutes, but the growing sadness and anxiety as Natasha’s solitary character speaks to the body on the floor starts to envelope the room. It plays again Sunday Night in Montreal at Mainline theatre at 10pm, so if you’re skipping the Oscars and have already backed the kickstarter I highly recommend checking out the show. It’s at Mainline Theatre and will hopefully be part of the Montreal Fringe festival.

Side note from Micheal involving the production: It’s really hard to get an Uber when you’re carrying a dead body wrapped in a bed sheet.

So that’s it for now. Kickstarter, play, chewing out comic pro’s because their page designs are too damn good.

Also, we do have a thank you for Kickstarter backers in the works that will be posted this week one way or another. So even if we don’t fund the book this time you will get something, but it will be for backers only.

Take care and Be well


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