<<First Name>>, We hit a major milestone with our WEBTOONS subscribers in a matter of days, get ready for the story... the story has some gaps, but I give you my end.
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Hello from the edge of Our lady of Grace my friend,

Last week something strange happened that Matt and I still haven’t figured out what happened.

After launching the Kickstarter and getting things set up I proceeded to prep an image to go at the bottom of the webtoons update using images from the campaign. I added those to the update and quickly check our subscriber numbers. We normally get 2-3 new subscribers/update, 4 is spectacular, 5 was unheard of. We were at 78, where I expected things to be. It’s not great but growing steadily. I then went back to focusing on the kickstarter for the day.

Thursday I was chatting with Laurence Dea Dionne about comic stuff and was going to bring up subscriber numbers, so I went to check if we had gotten our new 2 subscribers. I looked at the numbers and thought: “Well that’s wrong.”

I checked them over again and refreshed the page… “That’s way off… I think something broke.”
I went and checked the comics of a few friends to see if they had grown at all. Nope, still where they were pretty much.

I checked mine again… 412… no 415… no… It kept growing with each refresh almost. On Saturday I did some Math. Conceptual Heist was getting a new subscriber every 7 minutes on Webtoons. And that pace was holding. And did hold until this morning where it’s slowed to a new subscriber every 20-30 minutes.
As of Sunday night we cracked 1000 Subscribers. That’s an important milestone, because it is the first step to being part of the Webtoons ad-share program. And the massive growth also means we can possibly go from discovery to featured at some point too.

So, all that said, check us out on webtoons, and if you’re one of our subscribers there: THANK YOU!

For those wondering: we have 9 lovely subscribers over on We love them too.

In other news:

The Kickstarter is still rumbling along, we’re still a long way from our goal. If you want to help support us, and get yourself a copy of the coolest science fiction Jazzpunk art heist out there now’s your chance.

We’ll be updating backers this week with some new rewards this week, but don’t let that hold you back. If we add a reward you prefer you can change your pledge at any point during the campaign.

And if you’ve already backed thank you! You can still share and cajole your friends into being a part of this.

And when we hit the 50% mark of funding I will do a dance set on Facebook live in celebration. So come out and #jointheheist!

Thanks and Take care.

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