<<First Name>>, have you read Lone Wolf & Cub? If you haven't I give a quick bit about why I'm jealous. And a thanks to the people who have helped Conceptual Heist keep going after 4 years.
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Hello from the edge of our lady of Grace,

Not the one that Burned this week, the one in Montreal.

Kazuo Koike died on Wednesday, and that means a grand master has passed on once more.

Lone Wolf & Cub is one of the greatest comics ever. Not greatest mangas, but greatest comics. It’s about love, revenge, hope, will, family, and honor, wrapped in an interpretation of history. I bought it in the Dark Horse collection series of 28 volumes. There’s a sword fight near the end that lasts over an entire volume, and even at that length it remained engaging. It can feel intimidating to look at a series and see that many pages laid before you. It’s easy to say “I’ll never make it through all of that.” But it’s so worth it. Few series of that length manage to keep me as engaged as I was throughout, every time I felt I was going to stop reading, it threw a new twist at me.

When I bought the first book it was because of the litany of comic book legends who praised the series as an influence. From Frank Miller, to Bill Siekewitch, Matt Wagner and so many more. I read the first volume, and by the end of the first story book I was thinking.: “This is nice, but I’m not interested in reading 28 volumes of this guy taking contracts each chapter and then assassinating the target with his kid along. And then I got to the 9th Chapter: “The Assassin’s Road”. This is the first twist to the story, and the final page lays out, that this is not a simple story about a Lone assassin and his son, but the story about a mystery within the history of Japan, how prominent families disappeared forever, and how this was Koike’s theory of what happened. From there, Koike and his partner Goseki Kojima took us on a thrilling adventure that spanned close to 8,000 pages of comics. And every time it came close to being tiresome or boring a new twist or emotional gut punch would land to keep you hooked. The 3 year old Daigoro on his own are some of my favourite sequences.

If you’ve never read the series before I implore you to do so, I’m jealous as I’ll never get to read it again for the first time.

And then check out some of Koike’s other work, he did a great Wolverine story ages ago as well.

What follows is copy pasted and somewhat edited version of something I posted in a private facebook group, about having relaunched the kickstarter:
The last campaign coming to a failed end was a bigger hit than I anticipated. I felt down about it for longer than I thought I would.

Since launching on Wednesday we passed how much we raised in the first week of the last campaign, and it feels like a weight has come off my shoulders already. We're only 382$ from being 30% funded, and I'm aiming to have that by the end of the weekend.
When I started Conceptual Heist 4 years ago, the first 4 pages were written with very little plan in place. But those first lines of "There are lots of ways to make money. But art theft is the only one that screws over the people who deserve it." was written by a guy working a dead end video game testing job stuck there knowing that the money I was making was because there a guy above me who didn't care who I was just that I sat in the chair and made him money.
Now I'm doing this on my terms, with the support of people like this group and my friends, my family and largely thanks to my very patient wife, and Matt who has stuck with this project even when we did shows that had lost us more money than we could afford.

To have made it here, means so much. I started listening to comixlaunch because I knew in a few years we'd be doing the kickstarter for the Conceptual Heist trade paperback, and I need to learn more. This was supposed to be my first campaign, not my 4th. That's because of Tyler, and his little nudge of "Why not do just the first issue?"
Thanks for being here, thanks for listening, thanks for all the excellent work that I have to keep pace with.
Thank you.

So that’s what I had to say there, but here I really want to say thanks to our readers for the support. 4 years is a long time for a lot of webcomics. You see a lot of them just fade out due to lack of interest, and how hard going this process is.
The face that we offer the book for free does lead to the “Well I already know the story why do I need to pay for it?” I fall to that as well, our reply is that when you give us money we really aim to give you something back that’s a bit more. Our colourists do excellent work and helped formalize a lot of the fun that happens in the series beyond just what we have on the black and white page. If you haven’t seen it a few weeks ago I did a live stream where I do what I call “The Matt Fraction pitch” for Conceptual Heist, you can watch the pitch HERE. And if you’re a Matt Fraction fan I’d ask that check it out.

We’ve unlocked 8 comics so far in the early backer options, and I’ll be taking that down tomorrow morning, so get in now if you want 8 bonus books to add. We have books from Laurence Dea Dionne, Russell Nohltey, Tyler James, and more coming to you. I’d love to give you guys 10 books tomorrow morning.
So yeah go forth and back the Kickstarter, or share it with your friends and Family.

Back the Kickstarter Now and get the early backer bonus comics!

Take care, be well and have a great weekend.

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