<<First Name>>, my son found my childhood dog, I also have a few kickstarters for you to check out as well. And I also offer some updates on the Trade paperback progress.
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Hello, from out on the edge of Our Lady of Grace!

I hope this finds you all well and the long weekend treated you well. I’m currently playing catch up after spending the last week sick (I meant to send this update last Wednesday but instead spent the day sick in bed.

This story may seem to go off on a few tangents, but we’ll get to the point hopefully soon enough.

When I was 4 years old my parents got me a dog, named Duchess, a black lab that I loved quite a bit as any 4 year old with his own puppy only can. Duchess was very much like any black lab puppey, in that she got into everything she shouldn’t have, she didn’t behave, and would runaway on a weekly basis. What should have been a friendship that lasted until I was 10-12 years old however was cut short. While she was at the vets getting fixed, she had a reaction to an anaesthesia and died on the table before the vet could do anything.

One of my earliest memories is of my dad sitting me down to tell me that Duchess had run away when she was at the vets. I don’t want you to feel too bad though, this was 40 years ago now, and I have a 4 year old of my own now (OK, he’s 4 in 2 weeks, but close enough).

Lets move all the way to last week now: One of the things my wife have started doing to help get past some of the temper tantrums we had been dealing with is to take my son to the dollarstore if he’s been well behaved all week long. When there he can choose one toy to buy. Last Friday he walked in the store and he ran to a Hallowe’en display right away and grabbed something off the bottom shelf and said “I want this one!”

I had to take this picture and send it to my Mom with the caption: “Buddy found Duchess.”

Yeah, I'm going to Pet owner hell for that. And any of you who laughed are joining me.


First off, we’ve officially blown our delivery deadline on the Trade Kickstarter, and for that Matt and I are incredibly sorry. We’re hoping to have all the pages coloured and ready to go to print by January, if not earlier, our colourist has another project that is sitting in front of us, but we’re hopeful to land the date there. We will keep you updated as we progress there.

As for the script book, I let that slip in the past months as I was trying to get everything else done at the same time. My current goal is to have my notes and comments ready to go by the end of November, at which point the extras that include art Matt’s end of things will be in his court.

Matt and I also intend to get Chapter 7 up and rolling by the end of the month. I’m really excited to see how this cover turns out. It’s the first time we’re stepping away from Jemma’s perspective, and we get some extra history on the world Of Conceptual Heist.


In other Kickstarter related news: If you’ve ever been to Prince Edward Island you’d know that it has what is clearly one of the highest populations of incredibly nice people. October appears to be Kickstarter Month for PEI residents. Including projects from Pegamoose Press and Sandstone comics.

Pegamoose, is comprised of Troy Little and Brenda Hickey, a Husband and wife teams, with a ton of comic credits between them. They are currently running a campaign to fund Brenda’s Book “Halls of the Turnip King” to print. A Fun and amusing fantasy comic series that I highly advise you check out.

Sandstone Comics Presents, is a great publisher set up by Greg Webster, Sandy Carruthers and Robert Doan, They’re looking to fund the second volume of their series. The first volume was a great anthology title and they’re much faster at getting their books out in time.

If you have the time I highly advise going to check out both campaigns.

Conversations from Here:

I’ve recorded the first interview for the podcast. I’m hoping to get a couple more done in the next couple of weeks. I also would like to do a few episodes where I do deep dives and talk with someone else about a specific comic series or graphic novel. I’m not sure if I’ll get someone to do this with me regularly or if I’ll actually change it up from time to time and have other guests to follow up with. My ideal is to do those and then follow it up with a discussion with the creative team behind the series for some of their input.
Are there any comics you’d like to see explored like that? Is there anyone you'd like to hear interviewed?
It’s the season of TV premiers, and I figure I’d list a few that I’ve enjoyed so far:

STUMPTOWN: I’m a Greg Rucka fan, and I have been since I first picked up Queen & Country. Seeing one of his characters on the small screen has been a blast. Rucka is playing off of lots of old tropes, and occasionally twisting them around. The whole cast is great and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

ALL RISE: My wife works in law and enjoys a lot of legal drama, I’m off and on about legal shows, but this one has been fun so far.

BATWOMAN: Another Rucka Creation. I’m starting to get weary of the Berlanti Arrowverse, but Batwoman has been interesting so far, I’m not sure of all the changes, as I’ve always been a fan of the origin Rucka constructed, and I also think they played the antagonist card a bit too quickly, but I’ve liked it so far.
That's it for now,this week I'll be doing a lot of catch up, and hopefully get a chunk of Chapter 7 edited. I do hope to spend Friday actually cleaning up my office, as it's gone from disorganized to dumping ground. 

Take care of yourself and be well.

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