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It has been far too long since the last time I wrote you. I owe you quite a few updates on things.
First off Montreal Comiccon was a fun show, but Matt and I did terribly sales wise, however I had a great time hosting the Process Junkies panel. It was a fun conversation with Shawn Baichoo, Laurence Dea Dionne, and Djibril Phan-Morrisette, I have it posted for you on our Patreon, no longer behind a paywall.

That panel was actually intended to be a lead into one of my next major projects: Conversations from Here. Some of you may remember when I posted a test version on way back in December, when I was still thinking March would be a viable date. I’m aiming to get 10 interviews in the can before I launch, or at least have 10 recordings. The idea is to talk to artists about their process, what they’ve learned about being an artist,  about other ideas and hobbies, and to just talk. I’ll probably have a few episodes where it may just be a conversation with someone that I already spoke to, just we’ll go more in depth or just shoot the shit for a while talking about things we’ve been enjoying. It’s meant to be a place to have conversations with people and about subjects that interest me, from where I am at the moment. I’ve assembled a list of over 80 people I want to talk to, and more people come to mind constantly. If you’re interested in doing an interview, let me know, and I’ll probably add you to my list but it may be awhile before I get to you.

And yes the title is entirely built around the bilingual pun.

I’ve also helped sponsor a contest that will give you the chance to win a Massive Indy Comics Prize Pack, it includes a large enough selection of titles that there are actually a few that aren’t in my collection, and they are all titles that aren’t from Marvel or DC (aside from The Boys, which started at DC until they got scared and cancelled it.) You may already own a lot of these titles, but you probably don’t own them all. It’s 250$ worth of comics in a single prize pack. I really advise you go check it out as it’s a good opportunity to get you hands on some fantastic comics, and in the process you’ll also get to discover a group of very cool indy/small press comic creators.
Click here if you want all those awesome comics!
That’s about it for now. We’ve finished off the writing on Chapter 6 of Conceptual Heist and we’re getting ready to jump into chapter 7. The tone of the series has shifted drastically, and even more so in the past few weeks, so if you haven’t been keeping up now is the time to go check us out, and I’d advise Webtoons as the ideal platform these days to catch up.

Take care, be well and until next time,

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