<<First Name>>, Grab your dice and get ready for the adventure of a life time with the Conceptual Heist team!
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Hello from the Edge of NDG!

It's time to go on an adventure! Imagine the chance to play D&D with a voice actor like the guys on Critical Roll (Is that stepping too close? Oh well...)

Okay, maybe not one of them, what about Shawn Baichoo? The Voice actor behind Wrench in Watch Dogs 2 and Lion in Rainbow Six: Siege? He's been playing roleplaying games for decades, and although he hasn't played D&D 5e he's gonna jump in on a game with us. (He has been running a 19 and a half year long campaign using the Steve Jackson GURPS system though almost on a weekly basis.)

He also wrote and Starred in a Punisher Fan film the Gerry Conway said "got right"

Matt and I are regular D&D players and he's always sketching stuff at the table. So here's you chance to join in on the fun with a VERY unique experience.

Take the Initiative and #jointheheist for Adventure!

D&D has always been a fun and relaxing way to get some different and random creative juices going. And we're not going to do a level 1 party. We're jumping forward, because I'm the DM and I say so! This is going to be an epic level 20 encounter with a custom made enemy. Will you live? Will you die? will you save the world? Are you ready for the adventure of a life time?

This will be a 3-4 hour session to be run here in Montreal, you have to handle getting her yourself, but you get us for the night. We'll have a supper, talk about the characters a bit over the meal and then set up for an epic battle.

This is a one of a kind reward, no one else will have the chance to experience this game, this way. And you get everything in the Big Deal reward tier as well.

To help with this I'm also going to be doing a live stream tonight around 8:30 eastern where I will be building the NPC character that will be joining your party. I'll be rolling out the stats, and then building the character on DnDbeyond where I believe you'll be able to watch as the character is built, and join in live to help with the decision making on who this character will be.

Thanks for coming out already to #jointheheist!


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