<<First Name>>, watching Hass' Strip Panel naked videos are such a joy to me as a process junkie. And we have 19 days left to the kickstarter. If you want to find us for FCBD and talk Endgame, you can find out where below!
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Hello from the edge of our lady of Grace.

I’ve been diving once more into the youtube series Strip Panel Naked. I tend to do this every couple of months. I love the way Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou talks about comics. I first came across his videos when he did an analysis of Southern Cross talking about how Andy Belanger used the panel perspective to develop a sense of confusion and counterphobia. His videos are the equivalent of quick but heavily focused version of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics all over again. If you’re a comic creator, Hass’ videos are required watching in my opinion. Even if you have any interest in comics it’s an amazing exploration of the language of panel to panel work in comics.
Today is also the 10th anniversary of Kickstarter.

Now from the moment we launched Conceptual Heist and knew it was going to be a full length book, I knew we would be doing a Kickstarter, the trade paperback was supposed to be our first kickstarter not our third/fourth. It’s been a fanatastic experience having this kind of crowdfunding platform. I dove into Tyler James’ Comixlaunch podcast and have taken his courses, and we launched that first kickstarter from his advice. The community there has helped me make connections and friends with other creators and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes after our current campaign. Kickstarter is the place for indy comic creators, and the fact that people like Jimmy Palmiotti and Greg Rucka have turned to it to produce their books over the years shows that it’s not just people who can’t find a publisher. There are tons of people out there making incredible quality books on the platform on their own and have managed to do so and not have to deal with publishers and diamond. I'm glad we have Kickstarter as a platform to bring you Conceptual Heist and where I can get my copies of Strangebeard.

A couple of house keeping notices concerning the campaign:
When we hit 50% funded we’ll release chapter 2 to backers.
I’m hoping to have some new video up on the Facebook page, I’m definitely doing a live stream tomorrow afternoon, where I’ll be talking up House of Fear, the brand new book by our introduction writer James Powell, and a couple of other books I’ll be picking up as well.
When we hit the 70% funded mark we’ll be announcing our stretch goals, and the pricing surrounding them.
Back the kickstarter and get a copy of Conceptual Heist Book 1

Matt and I will be at Cosmix for FCBD this year, we’ll be outside in the sun. It’s our first weekend of may which is going to be as big a challenge as May always has been for us. Come out say hi and scan our QR code.

That’s it for today but expect some more later this week.

Take care, be well and #jointheheist.


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