I share my one Peter Mayhew story, you can check out my interviews about the kickstarter, and also a bit of History about Free Comic Book Day. 

Hello from the edge of Our Lady of Grace,

I never really “met” Peter Mayhew, but he is the core of one of my personal SDCC stories. When I was standing in line to get my badge the one time I went, I ended up getting an exhibitor badge care of the guy I was rooming with. I can’t remember his name, this is back in the days of The Warren Ellis Forum, which is now a comics community of legend, because the people were like that. Just merrily offering up spare exhibitor badges. Unfortunately I can’t remember the guy’s name.

I was standing in line talking with him and someone else, who’s name I also forget. I saw Grant Morrison walk by, and then Dave McKean, then another pro from the WEF stopped by and said hi. I was introduced to another pro. And I was standing with the guy who hooked me up with the badge and just geeked out for a moment about everything that was going on, and ended with “... and I’m standing next to Chewbacca.” 

The guy said: “What? Where’s Chewbacca?”
“Right here? Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca.”

Peter Mayhew turned around and smiled and said “hi” and went back to waiting in line for his badge, amused my geeking out.

When I was a kid I always wanted to be Han Solo, so in my heart my ideal co-pilot is Chewbacca. Mayhew had not been well, but it’s sad that he won’t be there to see the end of the saga he has been apart of from the beginning.

As I mentioned last time Matt and I will be out at Cosmix for Free Comic Book Day.

I remember the first FCBD, back in 2002. It grew out of the Warren Ellis Forum, when the X-men movie came out and didn’t even move the needle on comic sales, Marvel had a terrible X-men story in the TV guide. So when the Spider-man movie was announced the was a grass roots push to have comic shops hand out comics to readers. It was about a year after Marvel’s stock nose dived and was valued at about 79 cents a share.

 I spent the day going to a bunch of different comic shops. It was the day after the first Spider-man film. And there was an excitement about comics happening in the shops. The first issue of Ultimate Spider-man was Marvel’s offering. 17 years later it has gone and become a standard event, it’s meant to have people set foot in comic shops, so go out and check out Free Comic Book day and buy something as well. Comics need readers, we need an audience, so go out get some free comics and pick up something new you wouldn’t normally go for.
I was interviewed for the True North Country Comics Podcast. I don't think I gave my best interview. I was feeling worn out at the end of the day having spent it getting ready for the launch of the kickstarter and I had barely thought about what I was going to talk about. I have a lot of "umms" and "Ahhs" going on in there. But if you're interested go check it out.
I was also interviewed by Matt Ligeti: The Comic Book Yeti about the Kickstarter and what is coming in book 2 of the series. This was a write in interview so I believe I was more coherent. I have another few coming up I believe, and I should be doing a few live streams as well, so make sure to follow Conceptual Heist on Facebook.

I wanted to mention that if you do go to a comic shop this weekend try to find a copy of James Powell’s House of Fear. James is going to be writing the introduction to Conceptual Heist book 1, so go support his work.
And we’re now 853$ away from hitting the 50% mark on the campaign and releasing Chapter 2 to backers. We’re still a good chunk away from our final goal, and our stretch goals still to come. Come out and back us and see what we have on tap. 

Get Conceptual Heist Book 1 on Kickstarter Today!

I hope to see you out at the signing for Free Comic Book Day! Come out and #jointheheist and scan our QR code.

Take care be well and #jointheheist!


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