Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention: New Year 2016 Review from the Centre and Suicide Prevention Field

Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention

This Year in Suicide Prevention

Director’s Message

Happy 2016 friends and colleagues.
Time flies, it is 2016 already. Recently, we have been making plans to strengthen engagement with our stakeholders in the community. We have recreated our website to offer a more modern appearance, and easier and quicker access to information and resources.  We are also excited to introduce regular e-newsletters as a channel to maintain regular and efficient communication with our friends and partners in the community. 

Since the celebration of our 10th anniversary in 2012, the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP) has undergone tremendous growth can capacity building in the past three years. In this first e-newsletter, we are proud to share with you our latest works. Read more here. 

Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention

During 2015, the Centre has extended its surveillance work, suicide prevention efforts, and community engagement activities, including work with young people, and collaboration with internet search engines to help those most in need to access crisis services. Read more.


The education team has had a remarkable year in 2015. Web programs for mental health have been rolled out in schools, and mindfulness and art therapy programs are also being introduced. Read more.

Poverty Project

In 2014 the Centre was commissioned to examine the relationship between poverty and suicide (and wellbeing). With Hong Kong a victim of high levels of inequality, the issue is a particularly pressing one for the city. CSRP continued through 2015 to inform policymakers on interventions to improve the wellbeing of citizens through poverty alleviation. Read more.

Stay Informed: Please subscribe and share for updates from suicide prevention globally and locally - including a new website launching soon to examine social aspects of suicide prevention. We'd also welcome your news and feedback on this newsletter.


Positive Education Seminar
Parents will be invited to attend a seminar on positive education
27 Feb 2016
IASP Asia Pacific Regional Conference
'Building bridges for a new start beyond borders' (Tokyo, Japan)
18-21 May, 2016


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