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Digital Exclusion

Welcome to  Innovate, our regular newsletter taking an in-depth look at a single topic from three different perspectives. This time we turn our focus on digital exclusion and look at initiatives taking place in the region to tackle the digital divide, hear from those at the forefront of the work, and consider the role of policy in reducing digital, and wider, inequalities within society. 
Face to Face with digital exclusion
In a world whose digital dependence has been accelerated still further by COVID, we look at what’s being done to address the needs of those who risk being left on the wrong side of the digital bridge.
Digital Exclusion - a personal perspective
In these two guest blogs we hear from social entrepreneur and life-long digital enthusiast David Barker, and Mark Watson, Digital programme Director at Sussex Health and Care Partnership. 
Levelling up health: tackling inequalities 
As the nation moves further away from the 2020 peak of the pandemic, and seeks to learn from the unequal impact of COVID on marginalised groups, Tina Woods, Founder and CEO of Collider Health, tells us about ‘levelling up’ and the ambition to create the conditions for a nation with less disparity in health and life expectancy between different communities.
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