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From impossible to possible to limitless

Dear <<First Name>>,

When I talk and work with people about what they really want in their life and what beliefs may be limiting them from achieving it there are a number of initial common responses. It is uncomfortable or difficult to face my beliefs or my dreams, I have fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar and/or failure, what might get unraveled, is it really possible to make positive lasting change, how much effort would that take and what interruption would that have to functioning day-to-day in the world? I'm sure we can all relate to these on some level from our experience to varying degrees at different times. I know from my own personal experience and from those of my clients that when you choose to do so anyway and take that first step you realise that you can quite easily change them, and the outcomes you want in your life are not as impossible or distant as you may have once thought. Perhaps you can reflect back on a time in your life when you were able to draw on your internal resources to do so?
Many of you are aware of my previous newsletters and facebook page posts where I have been talking about my experience of parkrun. For those of you not aware parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world.

For at least a year my friends had been suggesting to me that I come along and do it, and for some time it was an impossible idea to me, I didn’t believe I could run that far and I didn’t think that I would really enjoy running that far either. As I contemplated this over time I realised that it probably was possible, it would be a good goal for me to set as part of my fitness goals and be a part of something a lot of my friends seemed to enjoy. After I participated in my first parkrun I was pretty excited, and then asked myself "Where to from here"? Am I going to do another one, or have I reached my goal? I decided that I wanted to set a new goal, to run the whole way without walking. A few weeks later I did that. Then I decided I wanted to reach a certain time, and to try different techniques and pacing. When I did those too, I still wanted more, and by that stage I was really enjoying the atmosphere and experiencing the enjoyment my friends had been talking about.

Well, this week’s big news is that I have just registered for my first race at the 2016 Australian Running Festival, to be held on Saturday April 9. I am running for my chosen charity Foodbank NSW & ACT. I would never have imagined just 4 months ago that I would have been enjoying this so much to have entered into a race!
When I reflect back on this experience there are a number of key messages for us all. This started off for me as impossible, and all those common questions and beliefs were in the background - Am I worthy? Am I enough? Am I important? Can I do it? When I allowed myself to be authentic and vulnerable and acknowledge these beliefs, I explored what my desire was to achieve it, and I allowed myself to believe that it would be possible and to give it a try. With each small step I took the success momentum built, to a point where not only had I achieved it, but a whole new world of possibilities opened that I never thought existed. It wasn't just about the running either, I posted photos of me in my gym gear on social media all sweaty and red faced, to break through other barriers and to share my journey. I have been humbled by the amount of support I have received from my daughters, my friends, work colleagues and clients, and the new friends I have made at parkrun - this in itself has been very motivating, rewarding and another wonderful outcome.
I invite you to consider a goal that you have been contemplating and ask yourself 3 questions:
1. What do I want?
2. Why do I want it?
3. If I know what I want and why I want it, why don't I already have it?
Hold awareness while contemplating these questions, be authentic, curious and open to what thoughts, intentions and beliefs are revealed, particularly in answer to the third question.
Albert Einsteins quote is very apt here, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them." I invite you to consider your goal and what thinking you could adjust to move you in the direction towards achieving it, and take one small action step today. You never know what the future holds after you take that first step!

Wishing you a Happy Easter. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend and time with family and friends.

Love and light,


Upcoming Events


The next workshop in Canberra is on May 14-15, hope to see you there! Facilitated by the awesome Rosi Pletzer, please visit her website for more details.

PSYCH-K® Practice Communities

After completing a Basic PSYCH-K® workshop you are welcome to join our Practice Communities that we run once a month, the next one scheduled for next Sunday April 3, where we meet up, practice skills, ask questions and build your self-empowering beliefs to achieve what you want in life.
Diamond Belief Statements for March
For those of you who have completed PSYCH-K® training I had the idea to add a segment on diamond belief statements that I have balanced for myself this month, and if they resonate with you go ahead and balance for them for yourself! Once you really get into awareness of belief statements you'll hear them everywhere, and great inspiration can come from movies and books.

Some of my inspiration this month came from an interesting movie The Abundance Factor:
  • Every part of my being is open and free to experience abundance
  • I emanate the energy and frequency of abundance from within.
Other inspiration came from some great work I did with my beautiful friend and colleague Suzannah, inspired from the book by Dr. Gary Chapman The 5 Love Languages:
  • I am lovable
  • I am a passion magnet
  • I am at one with love
  • I am love
  • I am at one with all the languages of love
  • I know love
  • I know how to love
  • I fully embrace love
  • I experience giving and receiving love joyfully
  • I give and receive love in all love languages
  • I allow others to give love in whatever love language they choose.
Suzannah and I have put together an amazing rapport balance with the 5 love languages, if this resonates with you we'd love to hear from you.

If you haven't completed PSYCH-K
® training but you still love the idea of these belief statements being 100% true for you then just let me know, I can easily facilitate that for you.

Awesome Recipes

Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns

Traditional hot cross bun recipes contain over 5 teaspoons of sugar per bun. We've managed to reduce this to 1/2 teaspoon of fructose-free sweetener per serve, so you can enjoy your holidays without the massive sugar dump. And yes, the yeast will still rise without sugar! We highly recommend serving these toasted and a generous slather of butter is a must.


1 tablespoon dried instant yeast.
1 teaspoon rice malt syrup.
4 3/4 cups white spelt flour.
1 1/4 cup full-fat milk, lukewarm (not hot, otherwise it will kill the yeast).
1 teaspoon sea salt.
1 tablespoon stevia granules.
60 g butter, at room temperature.
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, ground.
1 teaspoon allspice.
1 egg, lightly beaten.
50 g 85-90% dark chocolate, chopped finely.

2 teaspoons rice malt syrup.
1 tablespoon boiling water.


1. Add yeast, 1 tablespoon spelt flour, warm milk and 1 teaspoon of rice malt syrup into a mixing bowl. Mix well. Cover your bowl and allow to stand in a warm place for 15 minutes until mixture is frothy.
2. Meanwhile, sift 4 cups of spelt flour, salt, stevia and spices into a large bowl and toss to combine. Add in the butter and rub into flour mixture with your fingers until combined.
3. Once the yeast mixture is frothy, add into the flour mix with the whisked egg. Stir to combine. Add in the chocolate pieces then fold through. Cover the bowl again and allow to stand in a warm place for 40 minutes or until dough has almost doubled in size.
4. Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6 and lightly grease a 18cm x 30cm lamington tin.
5. Punch dough down, turn onto a floured surface, and knead well until dough is smooth and elastic. Cut into 3 equal pieces then cut each piece into 5. Knead each into round shape.
6. Place buns into the prepared tin in rows. Don’t worry if they don’t touch, they will expand in the oven. Cover and again allow to stand for 10-15 minutes in a warm place or until the buns have expanded.
7. Meanwhile, to make the crosses, sift ½ cup of spelt flour into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of water, mix to form a paste. You may need to add a touch more water to make the mixture a thick, but still fluid consistency. Fill into a small ziplock bag and then cut a hole across the corner. Use this to pipe crosses onto the top of each bun.
8. Place buns into the oven and bake for 20 minutes.
9. Meanwhile, combine the rice malt syrup with boiling water. Once hot cross buns have cooked, remove from the oven and immediately brush with glaze. Serve buns warm with a generous slather of butter.


Because these Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns don't contain any preservatives or sugar, they won't last as long as supermarket-purchased ones. We suggest eating these fresh out of the oven or within the next few days. After that, we recommend freezing them, then eating them toasted with a good slather of butter.

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