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The New Year is a time for making resolutions to improve our health and well-being, and we're focusing our newsletter on supporting these efforts. The lead article addresses exercise, underlining the importance of moving your body throughout the day. You'll also find an holistic Wellness Plan template for you to adapt as needed.

We wish you a year full of wellness and joy!

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Drs. David and Melody


The importance of non-exercise movement


This article presents the comprehensive fitness strategy developed by renowned natural health practitioner, Dr. Joseph Mercola. He emphasizes that taking stock of how much you move in your typical daily activities is as important as developing a regular work out plan.

In fact, even if you exercise regularly, you may still endanger your health simply by sitting too much. Moving throughout the day -- non-exercise movement -- is now recognized as foundational for optimal health, more important than exercising for an hour a few times a week. Dr. Mercola says, "Ideally, you'll do both, but if you're currently sedentary, start by sitting less."

Planning for wellness

We're offering this template to help you create your own holistic wellness plan, one embracing body, mind and spirit. Choose from the categories under each heading or create your own -- this is your wellness plan to adapt and revise!

WELLNESS PLAN FOR:  fill in name      DATE: fill in

BODY – Goal: [insert goal statement here]
Exercisefill in
Nutrition fill in
Waterfill in
Supplementsfill in
Supportfill in, e.g. Body of Light chiropractic care/massage

MIND– Goal: [insert goal statement here]
Positive Self-Talkfill in
Affirmationsfill in, e.g.I am the center of love and healing

SPIRIT – Goal: [insert goal statement here]
Meditation fill in

Family Matters
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
How Chiropractic Honors the Health Already Within Your Child

A key tenet of chiropractic care is that you and your children are designed for health. Help your children be healthy by thinking less about sickness (what's wrong with their bodies) and more about health (help them express their personal  health potential).

Chiropractic works with a respect for your child’s innate potential, helping to restore the spinal pathways to and from the brain that are vital to normal brain function and development -- and recent advances in neurological research confirm this approach. Chiropractors seek to guide your family toward what it means to live according to nature’s design.

Body of Light SpotLight: Maria Westerhoff

About me: I live way out in the foothills of the Cascades and spend a lot of my time appreciating nature and family. My years before becoming a massage therapist were spent teaching dance, yoga, personal transformation workshops, crisis counseling and parenting education.
Favorite thing about my work: The most spectacular people walk through our door every day. It is such an absolute delight to travel with our clients on their journey into thriving health. I am most in my element when discovering possibilities for transformation together.
What I enjoy doing when I’m not working: I love to learn new things, cultivate yummy, beautiful plants in my garden, hike or bike far out to the trees and mountains, eat great food, and hang out with my sweetheart, my kids and the BEST dog…oh and did I say eat?

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