A Few Words from Drs. David and Melody
As we anticipate a time of festive togetherness over the holidays, we want to do everything we can to make it truly special. That includes being aware of the stressors that can accompany the season and how that stress can build, effecting our health and well-being. Our featured article addresses chronic stress -- and presents important new research demonstrating the role ongoing chiropractic care can have in remedying its impact.

We hope that the coming holiday season will be as stress-free as possible for you and your family, and a joyous time for all.

With great appreciation,
Drs. David and Melody


RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGH! Regular chiropractic care relieves chronic stress

New research shows that regular chiropractic adjustments can benefit people suffering ongoing stress. Stress is one cause of the subluxations treated by chiropractors, and removing subluxations (or nerve interference) helps the body to balance the impact of stress.

Recent advancements in neurology reveal that a person can be feeling no pain and still trigger a stress response in the brain, taxing our body’s vital organs. Ongoing chiropractic care can interrupt this process through its influence on the neuro-endocrine system, balancing our hormones and stress cycles. Other important stress factors should be addressed as well: A well-adjusted nervous system together with a wholesome diet, exercise, ample sleep, limited exposure to toxins and positive thinking can remedy the impact of chronic stress on your body.

Family Matters
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Kids Out of Balance:
So many children today are supersized, chronically unwell, depressed or unable to concentrate. Its important that we explore ways to help them be healthier and, if we can teach our children about the body's capacity to heal and regenerate, then early warning signs like a sore throat will not be seen as a signal to take antibiotics, but rather as an indication that they need to slow down, get lots of rest and boost their immunity with natural foods.

And, becoming familiar with expected developmental milestones can help parents assess whether their child's development is problematic; this article provides some warning signs of a child's body out of balance.


Body of Light SpotLight: Heidi Holcomb

What I do at Body of Light: I'm pleased to be the newest member of the massage therapy team.

me: I have a degree in Environmental Studies from Florida State University and graduated from the Lane Community College massage program. I'm married to Steve and we have two school-age daughters, Faolan and Brennan, a dog named Hansel and a leopard gecko named Spot. I moved to Eugene in 2009 from the Southeastern US, and love exploring the Pacific Northwest. Hiking, camping, kayaking and canning the summer bounty are activities I enjoy.

Favorite thing about working at Body of Light: I really love getting to know each of my clients, and the problem-solving nature of what I do. Most of all, I appreciate the sense that I've had a hand in making someone's day better.

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