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Six Tips for Success
By Mark Coker

(Note that this is an excerpt from a larger article/podcast called Art of Delusion, reprinted here with permission. Link to the full article is available at the end of this snippet).

1. Respect your readers. Write and publish super awesome books. Readers will determine your success, wow them. Anything less than wow is not good enough because good isn’t good enough anymore. Good will fail when readers demand excellence.

2. Write more. With every word you write, you'll become a better writer. Hone your craft.

3. Employ best practices for incremental advantage. There’s no single magic bullet to success. There are millions of readers out there who should be reading you but don’t yet know that. They don’t yet know that you exist. The secrets to professional publishing are yours for the taking. Do things that give you a competitive advantage. Adopt best practices as we’ve discussed in every episode of the smart author podcast series. There are the obvious things like professional editing, professional cover design and tools like e-book pre-orders. Then, there are the not so obvious things that you need to do. Constantly work to hone and evolve your best practices. Remember, you can always get better. The truth of the matter is that most writers don’t take advantage of best practices. This means that if you do take advantage of best practices, you will have an edge.

4. Think long term. You're running a marathon, not a sprint. Consider how every action you take today will impact your long term success.

5. Guard your independence. After decades of subservience to publishers, indie authors now have the freedom to break the yoke of subservience and make their own way. Yet, with the rise of self-publishing has come those who want to steal your independence by enticing you to go exclusive. The opposite of independence is dependence. Don’t become dependent upon any single retailer. Otherwise, your future is in their hands, not your own.

6. Connect with your community. Stay connected with your writing community, both online and offline. Join a local writers group or a critic group to meet with fellow writers, hone your craft, and learn from guest speakers. Attend a writers’ conference where you can further hone your craft and learn about the industry and network with industry professionals. In tip seven through 11, I’m going to share a few of my personal secrets to business success. 

For the full podcast and transcript, click HERE.

Mark Coker is the founder of Smashwords, an author, and a mountain climber. Find out more at Smashwords.

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Congratulations to Ellen Jacobson for her new release! Her cozy mystery Murder at the Marina came out June 21.

River Ford's Landscape Love is available now on Kindle. Congratulations to her!

Sterling R. Walker's Vesta Exiled: Vesta Colony Book 1 is now available on Kindle. Way to go!

More congratulations are due to Chrys Fey for the release of Write With Fey: 10 Sparks to Guide You From Idea to Publication.

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Our book selection for June/July is:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

This book was voted on by our members as a great example of Description. The discussion will start July 25th and will go to the end of the month, but it will be up indefinitely, so you can hop in whenever you're able.

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This month, Ellie Garratt is our featured member. She writes speculative fiction, and recently announced that she'll be doing a News From the Book Realm post each month with book recommendations, so look her up if you enjoy discovering new books!
The Positive Spin
By Pat Hatt

How many times have you thought something good and then reached to reverse it? The answer is probably very few, if ever. Why? Because no one wants to take something good and make it bad. We enjoy it and continue, hoping for more good.

If asked the same question concerning bad, would you answer the same? Sadly, the answer would probably be yes. Many tend to focus on the bad, sometimes even more so than the good, and never think to reverse it.

Authors can be their own worst enemy. Things creep in like how they aren’t good enough, how they will never get it done, how their current draft sucks, or one of hundreds of other thoughts and they stick. Now what would happen if you got into the habit of reversing just one of those thoughts?

Instead of thinking that your current draft sucks, realize that you have more editing to do and that it is better than the last draft. Instead of thinking that you will never get done, realize that you are farther ahead today than you were yesterday. Even if you only typed ten words, you are farther ahead.

Start doing it for just one thought and then apply it to the rest of the negative thoughts. The positive may even make you more productive, because aren’t we all more productive when the good thoughts are thriving?
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