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Sanctuary Entry Area

If you've been to the Sanctuary in the past few months, you may have noticed some major changes to the entry area: dozens of native plants have been added, new landscaping and hardscaping, and beautiful stone steps leading into the Sanctuary. A special thanks to Corry & LaGrant Stoneworks for their excellent work.

New Steward!

Please welcome our new Sanctuary Steward, Steven Grigsby! Steven just completed his 90-day trial period and is officially part of the team. He has been a great asset in his short time with us, helping with the entry, removing TONS of prickly blackberry, maintaining the trails, assisting with burials - the list goes on. Check out the interview below to learn more about Steven and why he decided to become the Sanctuary Steward at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary.
Question 1: Why does the steward position appeal to you?

This steward position really appeals to me because it brings together all of my life experiences and expertise, and aligns with my values. I have always held a strong belief in respecting people and the earth. From my, nearly, decade of being a paramedic in a busy 911 service, to owning a coffee shop specializing in organic, fair trade, and ethically sourced coffees and using as many local natural products as possible, to being a landscaping foreman helping people to beautify their lives by embracing nature and reducing their sod footprint - I have met peoples from all walks of life and helped them in whatever their needs may have been. In my experience, death is a humbling, terrifying, exhaustive, and sometimes joyous fact of life. Having dealt with death, dying, healing, and growth, I'm grateful that I get to use my life experience to help others and help the earth.

Question 2: What about your experience at the Sanctuary over the last 90 days has been surprising?
After working at the Sanctuary for a few months, I find I’m still surprised at how beautiful and transformative a service can be. It’s hard to explain or put into words but it is truly a beautiful process. From loved ones assisting in the burial to children laughing and playing in the meadow during the service. Each service you learn something about a person you’ve never met and each time I’ve walked away wanting to be a better person like the ones described during interment. 

Question 3: What is your favorite part about working for the Sanctuary so far?
I simply cannot pinpoint a favorite part of working at CMS. Everyday is a new day full of the now. I get the opportunity to be outside all day, I get to research local flora and fauna, I get to meet new people, and I get to help fulfill a person's last and final wishes. What part on which day could possibly be the best?!?!? It’s all great!

Question 4: What future project are you looking most forward to?
Each day of work at the Sanctuary is a project. Each day is a day I look forward to. We have many projects planned for the near, and far, future but I could not look forward to one more than the others. I’m just excited to see the property grow and blossom into a more beautiful and welcoming sanctuary than it was the day before!

Green Burial: What Can I Be Buried In?

You've chosen a natural burial - so what are your options? Surprisingly, there is a lot to choose from! The main thing is to choose materials that are biodegradable, non-toxic, ideally with a minimal carbon footprint. From shrouds, to the more unusual - our 3 part series dedicated to biodegradable burial containers covers all of your options, including prices and where to buy.

Part 1

The What & Why + Shrouds



Part 2

Coffins & Caskets




Part 3

Strange & Unusual



If you have a spot at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary or are considering one, learn about the different burial options available to you.

New Shroud Available For Purchase

In addition to the recycled linen shrouds that we've been carrying since we first opened, we now carry 100% cotton shrouds from Kinkaraco (try saying that ten time or just twice...). We carry the Tru-Green Believer, which we sell for $300 (we noticed their price online recently went up to $499, so our price may have to increase when we run out of our current stock and place our next order).

What's so great about this shroud? In addition to being made of 100% cotton muslin, it includes a soft padded liner on the bottom, the ties are sewn onto the shroud making the shrouding process very easy, and the handles are also sewn in making transportation simple. And for those familiar with the HBO series 'Six Feet Under' - Kinkaraco provided the shroud that Nate Fisher was buried in.

If you're a guest of Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, you may contact us if you'd like to purchase one.

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary
In The Press

The New York Times... Chicago Tribune... Wow! We have been receiving some great press recently. And an excellent story in our local Mountain XPress. Read the stories by clicking the buttons below.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: Rest Me in a Pine Box and Let the Fiddle Play
MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Green burial cares for loved ones and the earth
CHICAGO TRIBUNE – Why some are ditching the vault and coffin for natural burials and at-home funerals
It can be challenging to know how to support someone who is grieving. This illustration from Refuge In Grief provides GREAT tips!

If you are currently grieving, don't be afraid to send this to your friends, family, and coworkers; they will appreciate the guidance.
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