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We just completed our third year of business! To date we have been blessed to offer 42 human burials, 17 pet burials, and 3 scatterings of cremated remains. How do we feel about this? Honored. So incredibly honored to share one of the most intimate and difficult experiences with our community. So honored to hold space for our grieving guests while they lay their loved ones to rest. So honored that you all have chosen Carolina Memorial Santuary to be your final home. We are incredibly blessed to be a part of this project and consider it to be such an honor to be in service of you. Green burial provides a special opportunity for families to be hands-on with the burial of their loved one whilst being surrounded by the beauty of nature. We have witnessed the healing that happens in this setting and are grateful that we can offer it to you.

We look forward to another incredible year of growth and beauty while we continue to focus on the creek and wetland restoration, removal of invasive species, development of the entry way, and supporting the needs of our Guests.

May 2019 be a blessing and gift to all!

Caroline, Cassie & Anthony
Carolina Memorial Sanctuary

Conservation Burial Ground:
A Home For The Animals

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary is the home to a multitude of animals. In this blog, Sanctuary Steward Anthony Pranger shares his firsthand encounters with many of our animal friends and what it means to be interacting with life and death so closely.

"As with the funerals of which I am a part, there is a need for me to tend to and mind the space, and also to let everyone do what they need to do to be with the life and death that is present. I witness the little miracles, and then, like the mysterious feline, they are gone, and I am left with beautiful memories and the tasks at hand."
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Death Happenings in Asheville 2019

Even though we're a small city, Asheville has so much to offer in the way of events, workshops, and trainings related to end of life. We are so lucky to be a part of a community that embraces death as a natural part of life and offers opportunities to explore this difficult subject. Check out the death happenings in Asheville for 2019!
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Conservation Burial Alliance:
Death + Conservation + Passion

Two major problems facing the US right now are the destruction of our environment and our fractured relationship to death. Conservation Burial provides a solution to both fronts. We are part of a new group, the Conservation Burial Alliance, that is working hard to spread the word and help promote future consevation burial grounds. Learn about this important movement.
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Featured Blog

How a nontraditional funeral helped this mom process her daughter's tragic death.

"It felt so healing to be able to do those last things to take care of her," Lucia said. "To be the one to bathe her, gently, to be the last one to dress her, to cover her with these beautiful silks that I know she would have loved — it would have felt very, very strange to send her body off and have some strangers doing those things for her, no matter how loving and caring they might have been."
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This photo is stunning. What a powerful testament to the feeling of loss we experience when we lose those beautiful creatures that grace us with their presence. Our hearts go out to all who have lost a pet. It is hard.

Photo by David Coppens
Center for End of Life Transitions
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