June Newsletter

3 Minutes a Day for Workplace Wellness

Our VP, Lawrence Smith, talks about the three lessons we have learned in our effort to create a smart, break-time for employees. 
3 minutes a day for workplace wellness is all you need for healthy employees. 
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Kids In The Office

Wednesday, May 29 was a pretty colorful and awesome day here in the office. During the afternoon, the children of more than 25 Raisoft employees, visited the wall of our coffee room to see a variety of joys. The theme for this event was nature! The children were guided by Jarmo Leppänen, who has been a leader of children's and youth art groups for decades, who also has a 35-year career as a nursing nurse.

Stay Cool This Summer

Recent Events 

Redefining The Tech World

For the second year in a row, our team attended Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada from May 20-23. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees, bringing together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Read more here...

Citywork London

At Citywork London, Smtih discusses company culture and how it starts from the top down. Taking group breaks is a way to help your team bond and work together more efficiently

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