Week 2 Term 3

Friday 2 August 2019
School Contact Details: 444 8493 or 021 08408820
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Important Dates
Term 3 so far....
Target Road School – Important Events – Term 3 2019
Week 2
 29 July BYO Scooter + Helmet - Room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
29 July 2019 9.15 Hearing and Vision Testing
 31 July BYO Scooter + Helmet - Room 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17
  1 August Rippa Rugby Tournament
  2 August School Assembly – Room 13 + 14
Week 3
 4-10 August Cook Island Language Week
 7 August 9.00 9.00am New Parents Information Morning
 9 August School Assembly – Room 15 + 16
Week 4
 12 August BOT Meeting 5.30pm
 13 Target Road School Cross Country
 14 August Year 6 visit to Glenfield Intermediate
 16 August School Assembly – Room 11 + 18
Week 5
 20 August Kaipātiki Kāhui Ako Cross Country
 20 August Year 3 Museum Trip
 21 August Year 4 Museum Trip
 21 August Year 6 visit to Wairau Intermediate
 23 August School Assembly – Room 9 + 10
Week 6

 26-29 August Year 5/6 Camp @ Tui Ridge Park
 30 August Daffodil Day
 2 September School Assembly – Room 12 + 17
Week 7

 4 September 9.00am New Parents Information Morning
 6 September School Assembly – Room 7 + 6 + 4
Week 8

 9-13 Māori Language Week
 12 September Rippa Rugby Tournament
 12 September Teacher Aide Training Day
 13 September School Assembly – Room 1 + 2
Week 9

 19  September Celebrating Diversity Day – International dress
 19 September Celebrating Diversity Evening 5-8pm
 20 September School Assembly – Room 3 + 5 + 8
Week 10

 27 September Loud Shirt Day – Anti-bullying
 27 Last day of Term 3 - school finishes at 3pm
Principal's message 

Wow, what better way to learn from your mistakes than to make nearly a hundred spelling errors in the first newsletter of the term. I promise that we do value the importance of proofreading and editing our writing at Target Road School. However, I have certainly learnt not to rely solely on Spell Check, so congratulations to Miss Elle McGibbon, who has won the opportunity to proof read the newsletter before we send it out. 

This week has really reminded me of the importance of whānau and spending time together. There is no possible value that you can put on any person's time and we need to prioritise those we love. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how we choose to spend those hours. 

Spend time together. Play together. Talk together. Laugh together. Make memories. Hug each other. Pass a smile on. Sit and watch. Be grateful. Connect to the people you love. Call them. Message them. Visit them. Share stories. Listen to each other. Learn from each other. Love unconditionally. Never take family for granted.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takimano.

My strength is not that of an individual but that of the collective. 

Sending love to the Macgregor whānau who are farewelling our Grandad this week:

Manawa Piharau - Determined until the end ❤️

Payrise for the teachers

I am immensely proud of you all. We stayed united and determined, and now we have a significant pay increase and a unified pay scale with our secondary teacher colleagues. We've addressed long standing barriers to pay progression for teachers with different qualifications, and we've got an accord with the government to make genuine progress on workload and other issues.

This campaign began 18 months ago. Five offers and three strikes later (including the largest in New Zealand's history!) We have come a very long way! 

We can be proud of all we've achieved as union members working together for the future of our profession and the benefit of our students.

I think it's really important to celebrate what we've achieved.

 - Message from Lynda Stuart, NZEI Te Riu Roa President/Te Manukura 

When we vote to accept the offer at the end of last term.

STOP and THINK before leaving your vehicle 

The drop off/pick up zone on Target Road is for DROPPING OFF and PICKING UP only.


You cannot park there and leave your vehicle for any reason. By doing that, you are holding up hundreds of families trying to get their children to school safely and efficiently. We need to work together and consider our entire school whānau by staying in your car and moving forward as space becomes available.

Car Park Safety

As we are talking about keeping our children safe, can we just remind you about our school car park. Here are a few reminders to keep everyone safe…

  • Please don’t drive into the school car park to drop off or pick up your child unless it is an emergency

  • There is one designated ‘disabled’ space

  • The speed limit is 10km

  • If you are asked to leave the car park, please understand we do this to keep the car park a safe place for our students and staff.

Thank you to the many parents who follow this protocol, as you make the process easy and safe. We appreciate your patience during peak times on Target Road.

Aroha nui ❤️

National day of support for principals

The teachers and support staff of Target Road School are joining with their colleagues

all over the country on the 9th of August to call on the government to give primary and

intermediate principals a fair deal, and we need your support as we stand up for our

principal and all principals.

Teachers recently won pay parity with their secondary colleagues, because a

teacher is a teacher, regardless of the age of their students, but the government

refused to give primary and intermediate principals parity with principals of

comparably sized secondary schools, or any support for growing workloads. 

In small schools principals are doing a complex job, but often without any extra support while teaching as well. These principals are often paid less than some teachers in large schools.

We’re calling on the government to do the right thing by principals. It’s only fair.

On 9 August, we’ll be having a green mufti day. 

Please support the principals of Aotearoa, who do such a vital job leading the teaching and learning in our schools.

Yummy Apple stickers

Thank you so much to the families that are collecting Yummy fruit stickers. Our students really appreciate the extra sports gear to train and play with at break times. The stickers are sent in at the end of the term, so please continue to collect them and bring them in to Room 11. If you need a collection sheet, see Mrs Patterson in Room 11. Thank you.

Junior Scooter Training 

At Target Road this week, we had some special scooter lessons for the Junior and Middle school. On Monday it was the turn of the Year 1 and 2’s, and on Wednesday it was the turn of the Year 3 and 4’s. They were taught important things like checking their helmets correctly, using their brakes and emergency stopping, and what to do when they get to pedestrian crossings and ‘sneaky’ driveways. Once they had been given this important information, they were then able to test their skills on a special course that was set out for them. Check out the photos below and hear what they had to say about it…

‘I loved going super fast and straight.’ 

Brax Room 2

‘We learnt how to put our feet on the ground to do a running stop. We wore our helmets so we don’t hurt ourselves. My favourite part was scootering around the course.’

Aidan Room 3

‘We needed a safety lesson. We were taught emergency braking and back braking. My favourite part of the day was doing the little course.’

Hannah Room 7

‘We brought them to school so we could learn how to ride on our scooters safely. We learnt how to use the brakes at the back, and our emergency brakes. We also learned how to stop and look across the zebra crossing. That was my favourite part - going across the ‘zebra crossing’.’

Fiona Room 11

Connecting with local iwi
We are calling upon any mana whenua who know stories of our land, anscenstors or history of our local area. In order to localise our curriclum and make connections with Target Road School’s Turangaweawea, we need to learn about what the land our school has been built on means to the people who were first here. If you know anyone who may know anyone we can talk to, please get in touch. We are in the process of connecting with as many local whānau, iwi and haū as possible so spread the word, we would love to hear from you.

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourouka ora ai te iwi.
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

Chilling with a Cockatiel 

I just wanted to thank this beautiful, friendly bird who flew his away into our school by landing on an unexpecting child’s head while playing outside. He helped me to write emails, make phone calls and have a laugh on Wednesday afternoon. He was dropped into the Glenfield vet by Miss Amy and they are now on the hunt for his owner, who they think they may have found, living very near to our school. 



New Zealand Police - 105 Non Emergency

NZ Police recently launched a new non emergency number, 105. We’ve done this to make it easier to get hold of us in the event of non-urgent situations or ‘Things which have Already Happened’, which don’t require Police assistance immediately.
You can call us on 105 for all non emergencies, or you can go online at to report things like:
- Lost property
- Theft for a public place or car
- Intentional property damage
- Or to get an update or add info to a previous report
In the event of an emergency, always call 111 - Things that are Happening Now.

Planning the future of local parks - Auckland Council consultation on the Kaipātiki Local Parks Management Plan

Kaipātiki Local Board is preparing a local parks management plan to help it with the future management of local parks and reserves. The Kaipātiki Local Parks Management Plan will reflect what residents value about their parks now, and how they use them. It will also identify issues that should be considered as parks are managed and developed in the future, to make sure they meet the needs of future generations. Please visit to tell us what you love about parks now, and how you’d like to use them in the future
 Kiwi Conservation Club

Here are working links for each of the upcoming events:
Practical Conservation on Motutapu Island Sunday 11 August
Fun at Fernglen Gardens 10am Sunday 15 September
Behind the Scenes at the Museum 10:30am Wednesday 9 October
Ti Point Reptile Park - Leigh 11am Sunday 10 November
Polish Heritage Trust Museum
125 Elliot Street, Howick 2014
Auckland, New Zealand
Museum Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 4    Sunday 12 - 5
ph/fax +64 9 533 3530
Official Facebook page:
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