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The way of the remix

My wife and I watched Romeo + Juliet a couple of nights ago. Well - most of it.

Our lovely local 1930’s ballroom (it’s quite a place) runs a pop-up cinema from time to time, and as it was Valentine's, I thought it only reasonable to purchase a couple of overpriced tickets in order to have a mini-adventure and do something different. 

Baz Luhrmann’s retelling of Shakespeare’s classic is one of my very favourite remixes. Unfortunately, I found that it isn’t really improved by dance hall seats, popcorn munching in my ear, recent bouffy hair-do trends and the general chaos of a pop-up. Cup of tea? Sure... And so we left following Tybalt’s demise. Apparently, it doesn’t end well... 

But remixing the visual, yet staying true enough to the lyrical creates an entirely new manifestation, whilst opening a wide door to understanding the original itself. In the same way, I’m indebted to Franz Liszt for remixing Beethoven’s 9 symphonies for solo piano, which was an essential part of the process of me eventually hearing them in all their glory. Try Liszt’s transcription (an acceptable classical music term for a remix) of Beethoven’s 5th or 6th as interpreted by Glenn Gould. You will find them on your streaming service of choice. It’s a master remixing a master remix of a master’s work, and it’s delicious.

Remixing for the masses
Do you remix? If so, how do you remix? What is your remix trigger? Is it curiosity or simply joining the dots as you see them? Do you like to layer-up? Or strive to simplify? Is it a tickly thought? Or a random one from left field?

I’d like to know, because I think we’re all different. This is part of what I’m exploring with the gradual launch of The Remixer Machine. So, thank you for all who have used it so far, and suggested improvements and ideas - it’s been a real encouragement! So much so, that you’ve inspired me to spend more time on building new remixers. If you (or your organisation) would like to see that happen, then I’d be delighted if you became a fully signed-up patron of the Remixer Machine.

There’s even stickers on the way for every type of supporter (which as someone pointed out is a thinkery journey in itself…)

To remix is to learn…

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There's a new Remixer for you to have a go at - Pixel-8. Here's some choice fruit from it's loins:

Pixel-8 - Remixed by Dan Harding - CC-BY-SA

Pixel-8 - Remixed by Dr Maren Deepwell - CC-BY-SA

Pixel-8 - Remixed by Ben Belshaw - CC-BY-SA
Take me to the Remixer!

Thoughtful, committed citizens

#climatechange, Margaret Mead

thoughtful committed citizens

“We’re too young to have a vote, so the government doesn’t care about us. We’re too young to buy loads of stuff, so the companies don’t care about us. But we’re the ones that are going to have to deal with Climate Change.”

To all those who struck school to protest the lack of action on Climate Change, I salute you.

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Imperial Nostalgia

#brexit, @BBCr4today, @JohnSimpsonNews

Imperial Nostalgia

Boris Johnson: ‘People around the world are going ‘wow – they’ve made this incredible decision to go global”.

John Simpson: ‘This is certainly not my experience. From US to China to India to South Africa, people I’m hearing from think we’re opting for imperial nostalgia.’

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Fresh Hope


A fresh hope

I belong to a community church – and last weekend we gathered up our families and spent a retreat in a woodland adventure centre outside London.

There was fresh hope, so I took some.

It tasted good.

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