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My inbox, this week, has been filled with Premail - privacy email about email. But I believe this new privacy regulation is a good thing - and so it gets a big LIKE from me. I think it needs to be more visual though. But even though the endless tedious paragraphs numb my frontal lobes, I find myself encouraged by its concept. 

Of course, this GDPR production was brought to you by the letters E and U the number 28. There’s no way a UK government would have brought this regulation in by itself, <brexit sigh>. 

On a brighter note though, I've spent all week with the Moodle and Outlandish gangs, building a prototype of a new community platform. Sweet beans!


P.S. No one could ever want any participatory GDPR themed artwork - but I created some just in case. If YOU'd like to have a go, just click the image below and Thwype the Smiley


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Did you need some GDPR artwork to brighten up your life?

No, I didn’t think so…

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Moodlenet user testing

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Moodlenet testing - Miles

I’ve been participating in a Moodlenet design sprint (based on this process) all week facilitated by the wonderful people at Outlandish. It was lovely to be on the facilitated side for once, allowing me to focus on the visualisation of concepts. By day 3 we had collaboratively turned our words into wireframes and hacked together a proof of concept. For day 4, Doug Belshaw had invited individuals to conduct a user test. Here’s a visualisation of the test journey by his Hello-World-ness, Miles Berry.

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Distribution of Innovation

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Distribution of innovation

Together with Doug Belshaw and WeAreOpen Co-op I’ve been working a micro-credentialing project with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. On the second day of workshops we put together, we organised a succession of badge project “surgeries”. I captured some of the dialogue using live drawing – which we then evolved into the Credential Project Blueprint. Here’s one of the many doodles…

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Adventures in Blockchain!


Adventures in Blockchain

Anywhere there’s innovation being touted, good ol’ Blockchain won’t be far away. There’s no end to the possible adventurin’. Embrace the future!

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