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I've often given informal business advice to people who've asked. But recently, I've become a formal adviser to a couple of different social enterprises. I met with one social entrepreneur this week who asked some insightful questions. It wasn't long before we were talking about how to grow ideas, and how to make good decisions.

In my experience, it's not so much the people you bounce stuff off, or the stuff you read (you'll generally hear what you want to hear...) as much as the process of pushing the problem around for a while. 

But if you'd consider yourself someone who:

  • makes good decisions most of the time;
  • takes appropriate risks; and
  • owns their mistakes,
then you should also have the confidence to back yourself. 

I wouldn't bet against you.


Stand in their shoes

#design, #openbadges, @weareopencoop

Stand in their shoes

“We’re going to start issuing digital badges.”

Great. Make sure you stand in the shoes of the people you intend to be the recipients of your badges, and understand why they might want to earn badges from your organisation in the first place…

Created for the recent IDB Digital Credentialing Workshop run by We Are Open Co-op

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Our tools shape us


Our tools shape us

A library of code, a palette of brushes, a diary of thoughts, a schedule of plans, a smorgasbord of apps, a myriad of processes…

Quote: John Culkin – “A schoolman’s guide to Marshall McLuhan” – via Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel.

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The Starfish Model

#leadership, #thinkery, @james_reid

The Starfish Model

I’ve come across a few versions of the Retrospective Starfish, but I saw it being used via twitter, and wondered why there wasn’t a likeable little starfish in the middle. So I drew one. Hello little fella…

If you’re wondering what this model is all about – check out this blogpost: The Retrospective Starfish

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