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A remixed Lisbon skyline – by Bryan Mathers – CC-BY-SA

Creatives and Lawyers

Yet somehow it works…

I’m just back from a few days in Lisbon where I was attending an excellent Creative Commons summit. When I explain Creative Commons (the organisation) to anyone, I usually find myself talking about two different elements of the organisation. Firstly, there’s the policy people, the legalites, the wordies. Then there’s the creatives, the just-makin-for-the-sake-of-it’s, the curious. But somehow a summit of all these folks together works very well, in fact – it’s makes for a very interesting mix indeed.

Postage Stamp Remixer Machine

My session at the summit focused on participatory artwork. It’s chief tool being the Fabulous Remixer Machine. I had created a Postage Stamp remix tool, and in the making of it had got quite distracted by paper textures, printing colours and the limitations of cross-browser SVG filters.

A collection of remixable stamps

Sure enough, people attending the session got into the swing of it, and together we created a patchwork of stamps – or indeed a collection – from their different perspectives.

It being the first time I’d been in Lisbon, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering it’s streets, and in particular was very taken with the cobblestone texture that adorns many of the streets in the old town.

A CC postage stamp remixed in the style of a Lisbon street
Voronoi by Bryan Mathers CC-BY-SA

And as I found out, it’s a bit of a boob-jiggler to ride an electric scooter over this sort of terrain – though a whole ton of fun!

An eclectic mix of keynotes

On the first evening of the conference, while we were all still hungry and paying attention, we switched venues to a theatre downtown. The six short keynotes were dynamite – each one very different from the last – gathering up a range of issues and insights. I thoroughly enjoyed it – and it wasn’t long before my ipad was out as my scribbling tried to keep pace with what was being shared.


A real highlight for me was the magnificent “Theft – a history of music” by James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins – who were simply on fire on the stage with their interplay, cartoon visuals and audio clips. Their work comes in Graphic Novel form (CC licenced download don’t you know!) and is absolutely beautiful. I know my kids will be all over it too…

Even though it was great to catch up with a load of known faces, I come away from the summit with lots of new acquaintances, a bundle of thoughts still brewing in my head and due to meeting some CC folks from Tanzania and Kenya, even managed to revisit the wisdom of some Swahili proverbs. And one of these I will leave you with.

Haraka haraka haina baraka. (Hurry hurry has no blessing)

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If the Remixer Machine butters your parsnips, then please consider becoming a patron. You can try beta remixers out, contribute suggestions, get the inside slide, and of course some STICKERS...

Lastly, here are some honorable mentions from the Remixer Machine this week:
Nice to CC you by Martin Hawksey CC-BY-SA

Nice to CC you by Leigh-Anne Perryman CC-BY-SA

Nice to CC you by Bryan Mathers CC-BY-SA

Piece of Cake

#ccsummit, @creativecommons, @DAJBelshaw

My favourite conference ever

At the recent Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon, I tuned in to all sorts of insight from all sorts of people. But one of my favourite morsels of wisdom was this off-the-cuff comment by Dr. Doug Belshaw, which should serve as hearty wisdom for all future conference organisation teams.

But maybe these words were simply a metaphor for the rich choice of contributions? Who knows…

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Ama-Zine Prompts

#creativity, #OER19, #zine, @amyburvall

AmaZine Prompts

Amy Burvall and myself thoroughly enjoyed delivering a hands-on Zine-making workshop at OER19 in Galway earlier this month. It was so good to be back in the motherland. But the trouble with a workshop of this nature is that most people are a little uncomfortable when faced with a blank piece of paper. So, in our Zine-storming session pre-workshop, Amy listed out some prompts to help folks jump right in… (p.s. if you’re an educator, check out Amy’s Intention book!).

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Eyeball time

#socialmedia, @DAJBelshaw

Eyeball Time

Over the last month or two, I’ve taken part in Doug Belshaw’s book group. The book-in-question being Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. As an experiment, I shared my reflections as quick sketches, created whilst listening to the audiobook version.

Here’s one of those sketches re-created as a colour artwork using Procreate on the IPad Pro.

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The way of the remix


The way of the remix

Do you remix?

If so, how do you remix? What is your remix trigger? Is it curiosity or simply joining the dots as you see them? Do you like to layer-up? Or strive to simplify? Is it a tickly thought? Or a random one from left field?

I’d like to know, because I think we’re all different. This is part of what I’m exploring with the gradual launch of The Remixer Machine.

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Pin Globe

#remix, #RemixMachine

Pin Globe

This is what happens when a thought tickles my brain. TO THE REMIXER MACHINE!

As the Voronoi remixer exports in SVG, a vector format, it can then be extruded using Illustrator…

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