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It's Magic!

At a meeting the other day I was asked how did I do that?

I had graphically recorded (or sketchnoted) a gathering of trustees for ALT, the Association for Learning Technology. In my response, I found myself listing some do's and don'ts, and issuing the usual skills-related tropes the more you do it, the easier it gets. Honestly though, when I think about it, I've made up the rules as I've gone along, and so have become a self-appointed authority in the matter. The graphic above is my attempt at quickly gathering some of those pointers together in a visual landscape, so if it's something you'd like to get in to, this may well be of help. However if you're anything like me, the biggest barrier to learning a new skill is always getting over one's self...

I've used this graphical recording method as the starting point on a whole bunch of creative exploits: 

  • working with activists to create visual campaigns around plastic pollution
  • interviewing stakeholders across an organisation with regards to a fairly large tech project the org was about to embark on
  • creating a visual language with groups of people from a membership organisation
  • capturing the progress of a number of recipient organisations as part of a social funding journey

In fact, most projects that involve harvesting insight from groups of people, the people who know.

Every conversation is different, with different insight to discover. Thar's insight in tham thar conversations... Listening intentionally with a pen in hand, you'll hear different things. And to others it often looks like magic.

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The Fabulous Remixer Machine

Since we last spoke there's been a few new additions to the Fabulous Remixer Machine


Construct a quick polaroid storyline by clicking on the photos and uploading your own. You can change all the text too!

If the Remixer Machine is your kinda thing, then please consider becoming a patron! You can try beta remixers out, contribute suggestions, get the inside slide, and of course some custom STICKERS...

Black Firday


Black Fir day

Calm… and breathe…

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Reflective vs Reflexive Practice

#learning, @AndyLancasterUK, @cipd

Reflexive vs Reflective practice

I’ve been creating visual landscapes with people from the Chartered Institute of Professional Development recently, and in one of the conversations with Andy Lancaster, this interesting contrast arose…

Reflective practice: where the learner reflects on what they have learnt and what it means to them;

Reflexive practice: where the learner considers implications from what they have learnt on the wider context they work within.

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Giving a public talk

#thinkery, @kitterati, @SamHallWales

monkey roller coaster

I stumbled across this thread on twitter about the confidence required to give a public talk. Some of the responses reminded me of my own moment of clarity shortly before being due to speak: I realised that I was going to enjoy giving the talk. So, I think the roller coaster metaphor is a pretty good one…

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Whose Knowledge?

#mozfest, @anasuyashh

Decolonizing the internet

The lovely thing about Mozfest, is that you can rock up to a session, already in mid-flow, and learn new things from wonderful people. In fact, I think it’s the only way to do Mozfest; the best sessions are those you chance upon, that expose you to new worlds, and new people.

Here’s a visual thought from the Decolonizing the Internet session, with Anasuya Sengupta.

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#learning, #open, ‎@thatpsychprof


Inspired by For-profit, faux-pen, and critical conversations about the future of learning materials – a blog post by Rajiv Jhangiani.

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Digital Transformation

#leadership, @scotlandlouise

Somewhere over the rainbow

Oh, when shall we have undergone our journey of digital transformation and reached the pot of gold at it’s end?

When indeed. Digital transformation is not an event…

This thought also emerged from a conversation with Louise Jones.

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Culture of Innovation

#innovation, @scotlandlouise

Slice of Genius

In my humble experience, Innovation is often highlighted as a value, but rarely embedded in a culture. What does a culture of innovation look like? A culture where everyone’s perspective is valued and anyone can be involved in an idea.

This thought emerged from a conversation with Louise Jones.

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We really did this…

#thinkery, @BenjaminBlower

We really did this...

I really enjoyed tuning into David Benjamin Blower‘s climate crisis lament as he meandered his way through his set in a friend’s lounge – beautiful, melancholy, folkish; I’ve never heard anything quite like it. It’s the first time I’ve listened to a musical journey, and I was again struck by how I listen differently with a pen in my hand.

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10 ideas

#design, #thinkery, @visualthinkery

10 ideas

It’s a case of the cobbler’s shoes – I rarely find the time to think about how to articulate my own process, but this hot-air balloon really helped me out…

How to create 10 visual ideas from a 1-hour conversation:

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Pictures and Swords, Q.E.D.


A picture is mightier than a thousand pens Q.E.D.

I’ve deployed all of the proofing logic from my Further Maths A-level to reach this groundbreaking conclusion.

A picture is mightier than 1000 swords…

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