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Hi <<First Name>>,
No word of a lie, and seriously, my soon-to-be-13-year-old is already 6ft tall and rising...
I hope you have a vury murry christmas wherever you are.
Keep it visual.
Out of my comfort zone...

Ahoy there!

I'm currently on the lookout for a meaty Visual Thinkery challenge that's out of my current comfort zone. Maybe it's a crazy project or something that needs visually brought to life. Maybe it's even a couple of days a week or outside the UK. Who knows? 

So, if you spot something on the horizon in the coming weeks that looks like it might fit that bill, please reply to this email, or pass it on to someone else. :)

Thanks in advance!


Here's some of the thinkery I've blogged in the last couple of weeks:

Open Badges – describing my employment

Open Badges: describing my employment

If I was travelling on a journey from London to Glasgow, a set of prescriptive badges could mark the milestones to aim for (got out of London, passed Birmingham, reached Glasgow). A set of descriptive badges might encapsulate some of the valuable things experienced along the way (visited a National Trust stately home, invented a game that entertained the kids for 3 hours, single handedly fixed a flat-tyre with no jack…)

Of course, one person’s descriptive badge could well become another’s prescriptive badge…

This thinkery was inspired by Patrina Law, Head of Free Learning at the Open University.

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Open Badges 2.0

open badges 2.0

I attended the badge summit in London last week. I had the opportunity to visually digest the chatter from different speakers regarding V2 of the Open Badges spec. If you have a look at how the standard is described, you hopefully agree that abstract things need all the visualisation help they can get…

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