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Mangle with a triangle...

There’s something about triangles. 
They’re so jaggedy. But when put together, they form a contoured landscape. So when a Remixer Machine Patreon supporter suggested remixing a photo as triangles, it had to be done.

But where to start? Well it turns out that a lot of the work has already been done by data visualisation programmers, in creating a javascript library to create Voronoi graphs. Math puzzles have always sparked wonder in me; the abstract neatness of how things work out and fit together. And I really enjoy learning-by-unpicking - taking something that has already been built, and unpicking it to understand how and why it works. This understanding seems to open doors that weren’t previously apparent.
The algorithm itself works in two steps. Firstly, by creating a mesh of triangles that fit the dimensions of the photo. Secondly, it takes a colour sample from the photo based on the central point of each triangle. So interestingly, the photo itself isn’t being modified or mangled in any way. It’s merely just colour-sampled at certain points. I wonder what that means for copyright of the original? When does a likeness become an original in its own right?
The Voronoi Remixer allows you to upload an image, and create a landscape of triangles. You can change the size of the triangles, the triangle border width, as well as it's colour.
But that's not all. The same algorithm will also work with polygons, giving a softer mosaic-like effect:

But I think my favourite is this last variant of the algorithm, which allows you to create circles of slightly varying size:

Now then - you can download your remix in either PNG or SVG format - which means that for you illustratory types, the SVG version can be manipulated within a vector graphics package such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. I used the circles variant of the Voronoi remixer to create this thinkery for my activist client Zero Waste Europe for the UN Environmental Assembly last week:

Why not try out the Voronoi Remixer? I'd love to see what you create...

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P.S. If you’re attending OER19 in Galway or the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon, I’ll be presenting the Remixer Machine at both events. Come and say hello!


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Lastly, here are some honorable mentions from the Remixer Machine this week:

Bloggers’ Ink

#remix, #RemixMachine, @horrocks_simon

Bloggers' Ink

Well now, it all started with this Twitter conversation.

There’s something about creating a sticker that forces you to boil down what it is you’re saying, as well as picturing it on someone else’s laptop hood.

But this sticker is REMIXABLE, courtesy of the fabulous Remixer Machine. So blogger, go make your monster…

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Religion-less Christianity

#faith, Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Religious-less Christianity

I had this moment of clarity whilst out running this morning, and I think Paul (the guy that wrote a bunch of letters in the Christian bible) would back me up on this one. Maybe Marie Kondo would too…

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