Winnovart Express. Our regular funding round-up.

Greetings from Winnovart.

We hope your 2019 is off to an awesome start for you and your business!

This is our first Winnovart Express this year, the first one in a series of newsletters that will hopefully give you useful information and get you inspired to raise grants-based funding.

EEA & Norway grants across Europe. UK innovation funding. Surveys to challenge the status quo. Introducing our new chat service. Insights about digitalisation of funding advisory services with Winnovart, as well as a brave vision for 2027 :) 

Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - Energy Programme, Renewable Energy

Significant funding is available for Romanian companies via the Energy Programme, focus area Renewable Energy... Read more
Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - SME Growth Programme

Funding will be available for Romanian companies via the SME Growth Programme, focus areas: GII, ICT, Blue Growth...Read more
Bulgaria - EEA & Norway Grants - Welfare Technology

Funding is available for Bulgarian companies via the BD, Innovation and SMEs programme, focus area: Welfare Technology... Read more
Greece - EEA & Norway Grants - Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth, ICT

Funding will be available for Greek companies via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme...  Read more
Portugal - EEA & Norway Grants - Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs

Funding will be available for Portuguese companies in the Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs Programme...  Read more
Croatia - EEA & Norway Grants - BD, Innovation and SMEs

Funding will be available for Croatian companies via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme... Read more
Estonia - EEA & Norway Grants - Green ICT Programme

Funding will be available for Estonian companies via the Green ICT Programme, focus areas: GII, ICT & WT...  Read more
Estonia - EEA & Norway Grants - Baltic Research Programme

Funding is available for Estonian R&D institutions via the Baltic Research Programme... Read more

Introducing Winnovart's Chat Service

As of January 2019 and as part of our digitalisation roadmap we are introducing a chat feature on our website. This will enable us to be closer to our audience (clients, partners or stakeholders) and react quicker and more effectively to enquiries related to funding and innovation management. While we are still working to improve you experience with this, we look forward to... Read more

Innovation, Funding and Digitalisation with Winnovart in 2019
Our founder, Doru-Cristian Coretchi, on the digitalisation of funding advisory services with Winnovart, the EEA & Norway grants across Europe, Brexit :) and UK innovation funding, surveys challenging the status quo as well as our 2027 vision for the grants-based funding landscape... Read more

At Winnovart, we are specialized in funding advisory services (grants-based) for private sector enterprises, with a special focus on innovation. We cover a wide range of funding programmes addressing businesses across various industries. Our international presence (UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Germany,  as well as a series of cooperation partners across CEE), enables us to create international business cases for our clients, in the context of attractive funding programmes as well as beyond it, by opening up international development opportunities.

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