Winnovart Explainer. EEA&Norway grants for business development & innovation in Croatia. Series 6 - The Evaluation and Selection process of projects.

Funding is available for business innovation projects on the Croatian market under the EEA & Norway grants. The funding comes through the Business Development and Innovation Programme operated by Innovation Norway in Croatia.

Our programme explainer – newsletters to make this funding scheme easier for you to digest. This is series 6 on evaluation and scoring of applications.

In this context, it is important to mention that the evaluation process comprises 3 stages: 

  • Administrative check; 
  • Eligibility check;
  • Technical and financial assessment (includes a score-based evaluation). 

For a detailed picture please check the official evaluation methodology document here.  

The evaluation phase would typically take up to 6 months, subject to the FOs own timeline and resources (even though this can take even longer). During this period, applicants can expect to receive multiple clarification requests, that will follow the phases of the 3-stage process described above and also a vision from Innovation Norway’s representants.  

Based on our experience, the evaluation process would result in 3 possible outcomes: shortlisting for a funding approval decision, shortlisting on a waiting list or rejection. 

In case of a funding approval decision, the “so-called” contracting process will involve quite an intensive communication regarding multiple aspects of the project, but especially budget-related aspects such as its final structure and funding intensities.  

In case of a rejection decision, the applicants have the possibility to file an appeal against the result according to this methodology

For more information about selection procedures under EEA & Norway grants we also suggest the “Best practice” document published by the Financial Mechanism Office.   

The deadline for applications: 15 November 2020. 

Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme.

With extensive experience in this programme, we are able to provide an independent evaluation service  based on the available evaluation methodology, scoring scheme and direct experience with the evaluation practices of the Fund Operator. This is a new Winnovart service we are introducing, more details to become available soon.  

Read more information about this call.

The full Winnovart Explainer Series on the Business Development and Innovation Programme Croatia is available here.

Source: the information above is based on the official guidelines published by the Fund Operator.  
Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme:
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Winnovart's independent service options are designed to help accelerate your access to this funding and navigate with confidence through the entire process of applying for, obtaining the grant and implementing your project successfully. 
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