Winnovart Explainer. EEA&Norway grants for business development & innovation in Croatia. Series 5 - Eligible activities and expenses.

Funding is available for business innovation projects on the Croatian market under the EEA & Norway grants. The funding comes through the Business Development and Innovation Programme operated by Innovation Norway in Croatia.

ur programme explainer – newsletters to make this funding scheme easier for you to digest. This is series 5 on eligible activities and expenses.

As always with grants-funding, the eligible expenses must be linked to eligible project activities (check out here our series 3 on project eligibility and series 4 on funding conditions and aid categories). 

Eligible expenses:

  • Staff assigned to the project, including travel and subsistence, where applicable (example: staff for R&D activities in the project, other technical activities or project management); 
  • Cost of purchase for new equipment (examples: machinery, installations, special technology related to the project activity) purchase of second-hand equipment is also eligible, but special conditions would apply; 
  • Costs of consumables and supplies (examples: materials and consumables required during R&D or testing); 
  • Purchase of real estate and land (special conditions apply);  
  • Subcontracting & external suppliers (examples: technical consultancy, engineering; legal; finance; audit; etc.);
  • Information & publicity around the project; 
  • Eligible indirect costs/ overheads (15% – 25% flat rate, special conditions apply). 

In order to be eligible, expenses shall only be incurred after the date of the funding approval/ Grant offer letter by the Fund Operator.  

The eligible expenses apply to both Project Promoter (Main applicant) and their partners (local or from the Donor States). 

The official programme guidelines have been published and are available here

The deadline for applications: 15 November 2020. 

Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme.

Read more information about this call.

The full Winnovart Explainer Series on the Business Development and Innovation Programme Croatia can be read here.
Source: the information above is based on the official guidelines published by the Fund Operator.  
Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme:
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Winnovart's independent service options are designed to help accelerate your access to this funding and navigate with confidence through the entire process of applying for, obtaining the grant and implementing your project successfully. 
At Winnovart, it is part of our mission to bridge the gap between stakeholders of the grants-based funding market-space in Europe. We are a leading independent consultancy specialised in EEA & Norway grants for private sector companies. In the past years we have raised over 25 mil euro in funding under this mechanism for clients from various industries across the CEE space. Many projects have involved bilateral partners from the Donor States (Norway and Iceland). We have a very good presence in the Donor States, with the capacity to support in the development of bilateral partnerships, one of the key ambitions of the EEA & Norway grants.

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