At Winnovart it is part of our mission to accelerate your access to relevant grants funding programmes. This is why we are constantly publishing insights and statistics related to the funding schemes we are working with, based on our direct experience with these schemes, based on surveys, as well as on publicly available data. While doing so, we also aim to bring more transparency in the grants-funding marketspace. We believe that more transparency will make the access to grants-funding easier. It will put you in a better position when making decisions related to grants-funding, as well as put a bit of positive pressure on Fund Operators to provide a better service to their clients (applicants and beneficiaries).  

This is our monthly Winnovart Insights & Statistics – April 2020 edition – and we hope you’ll enjoy it.  
Winnovart Insights
How should Fund Operators respond?
These are very unusual times for the grants-funding marketspace as well. How should Fund Operators respond? Extend/ Delay open competitions? Accelerate competitions? Organise new Fast-Track competitions? We are initiating a new series of surveys .... Read more
Coronavirus impact on grants-funding. Winnovart update.
We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe during these very unusual times. In various ways, we are all affected by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis these days, in many aspects of business and life. This is why, we.... Read more
Blended funding - the case for mixing private funding with grants.
Public- Private funding schemes or blended schemes combining private funding and grants have the potential to change (for good!) the grants-funding market space in the UK (and Europe).
Key benefits of blended funding - less risk, easier investment decisions.
Top 3 responses: 1. grants bring less risk, easier investment decisions;  2. less risk better return on investment; 3. access to good companies/ access to R&D assessment expertise/ more visibility.
Positive initial experience with blended funding schemes in the UK.
Private investors consider this is a promising concept, acknowledging a certain level of complexity that comes with it.
Key challenges when engaging in blended funding schemes.
Top 3 responses: 1. Long duration of the entire process/ waiting time; 2. Complexity of the application process; 3. Complexity of the future relationship with the investees
Getting involved again in blended funding schemes?
67% of respondents would definitely participate again in such funding schemes - not only in the UK, but also in Europe (EC-wide level competitions or local competitions in individual European countries).
Blended funding schemes in the UK and Europe. The case for mixing Private Funding and Grants

Public- Private funding schemes or blended schemes combining private funding and grants have the potential to change (for good!) the grants-funding market space in the UK (and Europe).... Read more

Winnovart Survey Results
Do you still need consultants for funding applications?

We launched a survey to see if SMEs and large enterprises still needed consultants for funding applications. The survey has provided us with insights revealing... Read more

EEA & Norway grants awareness across the Beneficiary States. 
The Fund Operators strongly encourage the participation of organisations from the Donor States, as bilateral partners in projects promoted by businesses from the Beneficiary States.... Read more
EEA & Norway grants - Funding decisions for business projects

A relatively short list of business projects that have received funding approval was recently published by the Fund Operator (Innovation Norway) for Romania (10) and Bulgaria (14). The list accounts for less than 50% of the total budget allocated initially for the competitions. Approx. 60% of the projects involve bilateral partners from the Donor States. Funding intensities between 30%-65%. More results to become available, we will keep a close eye on this. 
EEA & Norway grants in Greece - Submission statistics of the Business Innovation programme

The first call for proposals was launched on 27 March 2019 with funding for projects in the focus areas of Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT... Read more

EEA & Norway grants in Romania - Preliminary statistics RO-Energy programme. Applications submitted during 2019 calls so far.

There have already been several open calls for proposals under this programme, focus area for Renewable energy on Hydropower; RES and Geothermal... Read more

EEA & Norway grants – Open calls
Romania - EEA & Norway grants for Green, ICT and Blue Innovations – NEW Deadline 17 September 2020

Funding is available to SMEs, large enterprises and NGOs via the next call for project proposals via the SME Growth Programme in Romania.... Read more

Poland - EEA & Norway grants for business innovation projects - Deadline 14 May 2020

Funding is available for Polish SMEs and Large Enterprises for business innovation and industrial projects during 2020 under EEA & Norway grants.... Read more

Bulgaria - EEA & Norway grants for green innovation projects -
New Deadline 30 September 2020

Funding to become available to Bulgarian companies for business innovation projects during 2019-2020 under EEA & Norway grants... Read more

Croatia - EEA & Norway grants for business innovation projects - expected in Apr/May 2020

Funding to become available to Croatian companies for business innovation projects during 2019-2020 under EEA&Norway grants.... Read more

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