Winnovart Explainer. SMEGrowth 2020 in Romania. Series 4: funding conditions

Funding will be available for business innovation projects on the Romanian market under the EEA & Norway grants. The funding comes through the SMEs Growth Programme operated by Innovation Norway in Romania.

Our programme explainer – newsletters to make this funding scheme easier for you to digest. This is series 4 on funding conditions of this scheme.

Based on the applicable regulations indicated in the guidelines, the funding intensity (grant rate) can go up to 70%, depending on the company profile, project type and location, as well as on the applicable aid category:

  • Regional aid (typically up to 70%)
  • Aid to SMEs(typically up to 70%);
  • Research & Development and Innovation – experimental development only/ TRL5-8. (typically up to 60%);
  • Innovation aid for SMEs (typically up to 70%);
  • Aid for environmental protection (typically up to 65%). Included here:
    - Go beyond Union standards for environmental protection or to increase the level of environmental protection in the absence of Union standards;
    - Early adaptation to future Union standards;
    - Energy efficiency measures (e.g. high-efficiency cogeneration, monitoring systems etc.).

Based on direct experience with the Fund Operator’s approach on funding intensity, applicants can expect funding intensities up to 65%. The exact text provided in the guidelines is:

“The grant rate will be determined based the applicable provisions of Commission Regulation 651/20142 declaring certain categories of aid as compatible with the Internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty, as amended by Commission Regulation 2017/1084. The grant rate may vary from 10% to 70, depending on the type of the state aid awarded, size of the Applicant and other elements included in the provisions of the Regulation which are relevant for the respective project. Applicants should not expect to receive the maximum grant rates possible according to the state aid rules”

Funding streams available:

  • The Large projects scheme, for projects seeking grants from 200k –2mil eur 
  • The small projects’ scheme, for projects seeking grants up to 200keur 

Applicants should also consider the specific budget breakdown between the 3 Focus Areas of the programme:

  • Green Industry Innovation: 11mil euro
  • ICT: 3.7mil euro 
  • Blue Growth: 3.7mil euro 

The deadline for applications (Green industry Innovation, ICT, Blue Growth): 28 May 2020
Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme. 

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Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme:
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Source: Information based on the official presentation of SMEs Growth 2020, by the Fund Operator. 
At Winnovart, we are one of the most successful independent consultancies with the EEA & Norway grants for private sector companies. In the past years we have raised over 20 mil euro in funding under this mechanism for clients from various industries across the CEE space. Most of the projects have involved bilateral partners from the Donor States (Norway and Iceland). We have a very good presence in the Donor States, with the capacity to support in the development of bilateral partnerships, one of the key success factors under the EEA & Norway grants.

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