Winnovart Express. Our regular funding round-up.

Greetings from Winnovart.

As we are stepping into the first spring month of the year, we hope February has been busy and successful for you.

For us, at Winnovart, February has been very busy, we haven’t seen so much interest in funding schemes in a while. It is probably the most interesting time for companies looking at the EEA&Norway grants, and this keeps us very occupied :) You can find below a list of the most relevant calls currently open or expected to open during the next few months. 

We continue our policy of strategic partnerships with European innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies. We have started a new cooperation with ReMoni, a technology company from the Nordics disrupting the marketplace of energy management solutions.

Oslo has been our source of inspiration lately and we would like to keep this alive - We have attended the kick-off event for the Oslo Innovation Week 2019 - “Explorers”. We are working closely with KTS-RFID for becoming part of the Norwegian innovation ecosystem - a place where “technology” and “green innovation” are home. Empower Norway is a great example for this ecosystem, a startup successfully using the blockchain technology for solving the ocean plastics problem.

Last but not least, we have launched a new survey on the grants-based funding landscape in Europe, as part of a wider dialogue we would like to initiate with the stakeholders in this space in the next few months. 


Winnovart survey - YOUR views on the grants-based funding landscape in Europe

At Winnovart, we are constantly trying to improve our understanding of the European landscape of grants-based funding programmes. The market space of grants-based funding in Europe is one with many stakeholders. In the next few months we will continue this survey aiming to engage with all relevant stakeholders... Read more

Winnovart starts a strategic partnership with ReMoni in the context of the EEA & Norway Grants
At Winnovart, we continue our tradition of partnering with organisations from the Donor States – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions, by starting a cooperation with ReMoni, a leading technology company providing innovative energy and resource management solutions...Read more

Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - Energy Programme, Renewable Energy

Significant funding is available for Romanian companies via the Energy Programme, focus area Renewable Energy... Read more
Bulgaria - EEA & Norway Grants - Welfare Technology

Funding is available for Bulgarian companies via the BD, Innovation and SMEs programme, focus area: Welfare Technology... Read more
Greece - EEA & Norway Grants - Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth, ICT

Funding will be available for Greek companies via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme...  Read more
Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - SME Growth Programme

Funding will be available for Romanian companies via the SME Growth Programme, focus areas: GII, ICT, Blue Growth...Read more
Portugal - EEA & Norway Grants - Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs

Funding will be available for Portuguese companies in the Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs Programme...  Read more
Croatia - EEA & Norway Grants - BD, Innovation and SMEs

Funding will be available for Croatian companies via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme... Read more
At Winnovart, we are specialized in funding advisory services (grants-based) for private sector enterprises, with a special focus on innovation. We cover a wide range of funding programmes addressing businesses across various industries. Our international presence (UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Germany,  as well as a series of cooperation partners across CEE), enables us to create international business cases for our clients, in the context of attractive funding programmes as well as beyond it, by opening up international development opportunities.

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For more details about Winnovart please check our website. If you would like to be contacted by our experts please reply to or contact us here and we will get in touch very soon.  
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