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Business-relevant news, updates and insights related to the EEA & Norway grants and other selected funding schemes. Original content based on direct research & statistics around grants-based funding in Europe. Introducing innovation champions and established industrial players, enabling businesses to bridge the gap between European regions. Advisory services to help accelerate the process of getting access to grants-funding.  

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Coronavirus update
We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe !

It's Business as Usual at Winnovart. We continue to support our clients and partners in the delivery of funding projects, as usual. The impact on grants - funding programmes in general, depends a lot on the current stage of a funding project (application – evaluation – implementation) and we need to consider the timeline of a funding project. We are and will be a Hub of Support and Advice for dealing with the impact of Coronavirus on grants-funding during the current crisis. Updates will follow from us very soon.
Blending grants with private funding in the UK - Preliminary Results of Private Investors’ survey

Key benefits of blended funding - less risk, easier investment decisions.

Top 3 responses: 1. grants bring less risk, easier investment decisions;  2. less risk better return on investment; 3. access to good companies/ access to R&D assessment expertise/ more visibility.

Positive initial experience with blended funding schemes in the UK.

Private investors consider this is a promising concept, acknowledging a certain level of complexity that comes with it.

Key challenges when engaging in blended funding schemes.

Top 3 responses: 1. Long duration of the entire process/ waiting time; 2. Complexity of the application process; 3. Complexity of the future relationship with the investees

Getting involved again in blended funding schemes?

67% of respondents would definitely participate again in such funding schemes - not only in the UK, but also in Europe (EC-wide level competitions or local competitions in individual European countries).

Programme Explainer
EEA & Norway grants for Green, Blue and ICT projects in Romania
Over the last few weeks we had been rolling out a series of programme explainer – newsletters to make this funding scheme easier to digest by Romanian companies... Read more
Winnovart Surveys

Blended funding schemes in the UK and Europe. The case for mixing Private Funding and Grants.
A limited group of Private Investors (PE/ Venture Capital) have already engaged in such schemes in the UK (programmes piloted by the Innovate UK) or in Europe (EC programmes). If you are a Private Investor based in the UK/ Europe and you haven’t engaged already, these schemes might open very interesting opportunities for you, that comes with both benefits and challenges.... Read more


YOUR views on the grants-based funding landscape in Europe

At Winnovart, we are constantly trying to improve our understanding of the European landscape of grants-based funding programmes. requirements and the level of complexity can vary significantly depending on the type of programme, country or mechanism. But we would like now to understand better the views of the various stakeholders involved in such projects...Read more

Winnovart Survey Results - EEA & Norway grants awareness across the DONOR STATES. Update Oct 2019. 
We are continuing the survey launched in August 2019, to understand the level of awareness and interest across the Norwegian and Icelandic business sector for the opportunities by the EEA & Norway grants.... Read more


Winnovart Survey Results - EEA & Norway grants awareness across the BENEFICIARY STATES. Update Oct 2019.

We are continuing the survey launched in August 2019, to understand the level of awareness and interest across the business sector in the Beneficiary States for the opportunities by the EEA & Norway grants... Read more

Winnovart Explore
European SMEs looking for collaboration partners from Norway and Iceland
Winnovart Explore aims to bridge the gap between stakeholders of the European grants funding market space. In this edition we are introducing industrial players looking for technology suppliers.  Read more
Introducing OSINT Analytics Norway. Leading edge technology for data mining.
Today we are introducing OSINT Analytics – a Norwegian innovator in the area of data mining and analysis. Their OSINT technology and know-how helps in finding information amongst trillions of available ….. Read more
Introducing Recycls Norway. The future of plastic recycling..

Their patented technology solution deals with any type of plastics, focusing on mixed and contaminated plastic waste that cannot be recycled to new plastic materials... Read more
Introducing Empower Norway. Disrupting the plastic-waste ecosystem with blockchain technology.
Inspired by the Norwegian plastic bottle recycling system, the company tackles the plastic crisis by giving a value to plastic through a blockchain-powered Global Plastic Waste Deposit & Tracking System... Read more
Introducing ReMoni. Disrupting the energy monitoring market-space.

Based in Norway and Denmark, ReMoni is able to develop, design and produce innovative solutions for resource and energy optimization. With patented clamp-on technology, combined with artificial intelligence and algorithms.... Read more
Introducing Deep River Norway. Award-winning supplier of mobile hydropower plant for off-grid areas.
A Norwegian award-winning supplier of Mobile hydropower plants for off-grid areas. Their hydropower plant technology provides electricity generated from river currents and waterfalls to small, off-grid communities... Read more
The Winnovart Explore service is built around the idea that funding schemes (grants-based) are not only an opportunity for the companies applying and receiving the grants. They also represent a great opportunity for their suppliers and partners. Winnovart Explore is ultimately a marketing & lead generation service... Read more
EEA & Norway grants - OPEN CALLS
Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - SMEs Growth, deadline April 2020

Funding will be available for Romanian companies via SME Growth Programme, focus areas: GII, ICT, Blue Growth...Read more
Romania - EEA & Norway Grants - Energy Efficiency deadline extended until 31 March 2020

Funding for Romanian companies for energy efficiency projects under the Energy Programme by Innovation Norway... Read more
Poland - EEA & Norway Grants - Deadline 31 March 2020

Funding for business innovation and industrial projects. Three focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth, Welfare..Read more
Estonia - EEA & Norway Grants - Deadline 31 March 2020

Funding for Estonian companies under 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, ICT and Weflare Technologies... Read more
Bulgaria - EEA & Norway Grants - Deadline 4 June 2020

Funding for business innovation projects in Bulgaria. Focus areas: Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology in Bulgaria...Read more
Croatia - EEA & Norway Grants - Expected in Q1 2020

Funding for business innovation projects in Croatia. Focus areas: Green Industry Innovation and Blue Growth...Read more
Lithuania - EEA & Norway Grants - Expected in 2020

Funding for business innovation projects in Lithuania. Green Industry Innovation, incl. bio-economy and ICT...Read more
Latvia - EEA & Norway Grants - Expected in 2020

Funding for business innovation projects in Latvia. Focus areas: Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology...Read more
Slovakia - EEA & Norway Grants - Expected in 2020

Funding for business projects in Slovakia will be available Focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, Welfare, Education..Read more
Insights & Statistics
European funding trends in 2020, with Winnovart

It is the start of a new decade for us all in general, and this partly applies to the grants-funding marketspace in Europe, too...Read more
EEA & Norway grants – How much time do you need to prepare a funding application?

Writing a funding application can be more or less difficult, but it is always time consuming. We have extensive experience...Read more
EEA & Norway grants – How much time do you need to prepare a funding application?

At Winnovart we like to say that we know the game when it comes to grants-funding. Our mission is to support our client’s development by obtaining the funding...Read more
EEA & Norway grants – How much time do you need to prepare a funding application?

We launched a survey to see if SMEs and large enterprises still needed consultants for funding applications. The survey has provided us with insights revealing...Read more
Funding advisory services - accelerate access to grants funding
Winnovart free eligibility check for applications under EEA&Norway Grants

At Winnovart, we provide initial feedback and advise on possible next steps for your project under the EEA & Norway grants. Please submit your enquiry by filling in our online questionnaire with brief details about your project and company... Get feedback now

Winnovart updated portfolio of service options

We have updated our portfolio of service options, so we can accelerate the process of your getting access to grants funding, regardless of your project stage, by providing you the type of support that you actually need... Read more

At Winnovart, we are specialized in funding advisory services (grants-based) for private sector enterprises, with a special focus on innovation. We cover a wide range of funding programmes addressing businesses across various industries. Our international presence in Western, Eastern and Northern Europe enables us to create international business cases for our clients, in the context of attractive funding programmes as well as beyond it, by opening up international development opportunities.

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