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Newsletter May 2016

Yearly pivot maintenance.

It’s about that time of year again. In my area at least, the crops have been planted, the dry spell has finally broken and it’s time to think about getting everything into shape for next season.

What we will aim to do in this newsletter is give a quick checklist of preventative maintenance items easily done on your pivot. We will cover the drive train, tyres and looking after the electrical system.

Drive train

  • Check your gearboxes for leaking oil. Drain condensation from the bottom of the wheel gears. Top up, repair or replace as necessary.
  • 85W-140 gear oil for the wheel gears and don’t quite fill to the top, leave about 13mm (1/2”) air space at the top.
  • Centre drive gearboxes require 20W-50 engine oil and can be filled right up to the level/sight plug.
  • Slide the drive coupler covers back at each end of every driveshaft and inspect the rubber insert in each coupler. These are a wearing item and left unchecked can easily cause a mid-season stoppage.
  • This one is pretty simple. Check the pressure on every tyre and adjust if necessary. Too flat will quickly cause tyre damage and possibly lead to over stressing the wheel gears and drive couplers.
  • Too much tyre pressure will increase ground pressure at the point of contact and can lead to increased wheel rutting
  • 17-20psi seems to work for most pivots, it may seem a little low but it will help to lower ground pressure by spreading the weight of the tower over more area and assist in delaying the onset on wheel ruts.
  • For most electrical machines this is nothing more than a light sprinkle of ant sand into the main control panel and into every tower box, when the machine is sitting idle for a couple of months ants can nest into the tiniest of places and create nuisance electrical issues.
  • If your machine has reached 10-15,000 hours of operation you may think about replace all of your tower box motor contactors, simple and cheap insurance for trouble free operation.

If you want more detailed information or want to book in a service, send us an email

Thanks for reading,

Paul Upton

Australia’s Centre Pivot Irrigation Specialists

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