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Welcome to June's edition of CCCNZ's newsletter
The recent regional conferences had a clear focus on helping New Zealanders encounter Jesus, through the gospel, from the Bible. This is at the heart of who are. It’s our hope as you read through this edition of Te Harinui, you’ll catch our vision to see churches working together to help kiwi’s encounter Christ!
Canterbury Regional Conference 19-20th May

What a delight to enjoy items from the Samoan community, and to be pointed to Jesus consistently and deeply from scripture. We loved being practically equipped to be reading the Bible with non-christian friends or new Christians.

One of the highlights for me was watching one church leader pray for another on stage, as they consider church planting in the near future. It was fantastic to watch church leaders and members from a wide range of our churches chatting, praying and eating together.

It was excellent to hear from representatives from Stewards, Pathways, GC3 and others. A privilege to
share CCCNZ’s heart to see New Zealanders meeting Jesus through hearing, experiencing and understanding the gospel from the Bible.


Queenstown Regional Conference 26-27th May
A real privilege to join church leaders from across Otago and Southland. Many had travelled considerable distances. We were marvelously hosted by Ross and Lynette at the stunning Lakeland Park site in Queenstown.

Again it was a joy to see church teams wrestling with the talks. I loved overhearing teams discuss how they were going to go about personally growing younger men and women into leadership through reading the scriptures one-to-one.

I must say it was also great to hear of churches discussing combined prayer meetings. It’s our hope that out of these conversations, the gospel will continue to grow and develop in Southland/Otago.
Other events

What happens when people over 50 spend a weekend being challenged to invest their lives into younger 
men and women? Primetime. Primetime was led by Graham Ashby and an able team. Participants were challenged from Scripture (through talks, workshops and seminars) to be intentionally investing their time, energy and treasure into younger men and women.

Lastest edition of Rongopai is out now!
RONGOPAI is CCCNZ's quarterly newsletter, a publication we'd like to send out to the 180+ churches and support ministries within our historical heritage family in New Zealand. 

Rongopai is Maori for Good News, and this newsletter is one way CCCNZ seeks to encourage believers to work together to impact New Zealand with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Inside Rongopai you'll find inspiring stories of churches finding creative ways to work together. You'll read articles that will challenge your thinking. We are profiling upcoming events and highlight resources that could be very helpful for you and your people. 

This edition is focused on CHURCH PLANTING. 

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Bunnythorpe Family Church – The Journey
“We weren’t seeking to grow a church. We were just looking for a bigger house!”

In 2012, with four young kids, Mike and Rebekah Mudford knew it was time for a bigger house. Despite hunting in what seemed like all the right locations (kids schooling, our workplaces and our church), the Lord directed them elsewhere – to Bunnythorpe, a small village 10 minutes outside of Palmerston North. 

Mike recalls: "After a few years, we felt strongly that there needed to be an evangelical presence in the community. Was that of God or merely our own idea? To test it out, we continued to settle in Bunnythorpe, building friendships and praying that God would reveal what it was that He wanted us to do." 

Little did Mike and Rebekah know at the time, that God wanted them to plant a church right in the centre of Bunnythorpe. To read the rest of the story, grab a copy of the latest Rongopai from your church, or read Rongopai online (or download) by clicking here.

PROFILE: Simon and Rosie Sim

Simon and Rosie (that's Nigel Nigel Pollock in the middle!) attend Cornerstone International Bible Church in Dunedin. Simon led the music at the Queenstown Conference. Here is some of his story.

"I was born in Hamilton, and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was raised in a Christian home, and became a Christian when I was 15 at a youth group meeting in my home church, Subang Jaya Gospel Centre.

"I returned to New Zealand in 2009 to begin my tertiary education in Dunedin, which would prove to be some of the most faith-formative years of my life. As a student I became involved with the OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship), a TSCF student group, where I grew in my faith and developed a deeper love of God’s Word.

"After graduation, I joined TSCF as an intern for a year, before joining them as a full-time ministry worker in 2013. I also attended Cornerstone Church during these years, and have cherished their commitment to Scripture in preaching, as well as the gospel-centred community that has welcomed me and am now a part of." 

Simon is married to Rosie, whom he met in Dunedin. Rosie works as a registered nurse in the Dunedin Public Hospital and both attend Cornerstone Church where they are involved in leading a home group for students in their church. Simon also preaches at Cornerstone.

"I work for TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship) as a full-time campus staff worker in Dunedin, working in gospel ministry among university students. Since 2016, I have been seconded to work half-a-day a week in our church, in leading Bible studies for the Cornerstone student home group.

It has been a privilege and a blessing to serve the church through the student home group ministry. My role involves serving, reaching, and discipling students within the context, vision and values of Cornerstone Church. We do this through the leading and facilitation of the student home group, which meets on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.

We meet once a week in our home, and we start with dinner together. One of the aspects that we have really been blessed by is the contributions of our church family, who graciously provide the food each week. We then go into our Bible study, where we dive into God’s Word together. We also have times of prayer, worship, and reflection together.

This year, we are going through an overview of the Bible, based on the book “God’s Big Picture”. We are following the theme of the kingdom of God through the entire story from Genesis to Revelation, to see how the Bible fits together as one big story, and where we are in it. We've had lots of great discussions and questions, and I hope and pray that it will be helpful to the students as they engage with Scripture and let the great Story of God shape and form them as followers of Jesus.

One of the things that I have learned in student ministry is the importance of equipping students with confidence and ability to engage with the Bible, and in reading it with non-Christians. We do this in evangelism where we seek to introduce people to Jesus in the pages of the Bible. With TSCF, we have been encouraging and training students to read the gospel of Luke with their non-Christian friends."

PROFILE: Lakeland Park
There are 22 Campsites across New Zealand that share an Open Brethren Heritage. Lakeland Park in Queenstown is one such treasure.

Ross and Lynette are the fantastic camp managers for the site. We recently had the Otago/Southland conference at Lakeland. We were blessed by the warmth of the welcome, the amazing food, and the jetboat ride! Ross and Lynette are ably supported by the team at Christian Camping New Zealand.

If your church has an evangelistic weekend away planned and you are in the Otago/Southland area, consider Lakeland Park for your next event. 

To find out more go to:
A history of The Street City Church in Wellington

Join Harvey Rees-Thomas as he takes a personal journey chronicling one hundred years of The Street City Church’s history in Wellington. Full of personal testimonies, some of them, sadly, from those no longer with us, 100 Years on the Street tells the stories of the church’s life and mission work, its leadership and beliefs and its underlying reliance on God throughout the decades. To enjoy a preview, pre-order your copy or contact Harvey, go to

In 1973, Winter Bible School was first established at Totara Springs. It has a long pedigree and history of affecting people’s spiritual formation. After a hiatus of a few years, we are delighted to inform you that Winter Bible School is back! 
2016 was our first year in a new format, hosted and attended by approximately 80 people in The Orchard Church, Te Puke. This year promises to be even bigger and better!
Like never before, the very foundations of our faith are being eroded as New Zealand becomes a melting pot of diversity and belief. Our hope is that this year’s Winter Bible School will firm up the foundations of faith, particularly for the young adults in your congregation.   
If biblical strengthening is something your congregation could use, why not advertise the upcoming conference to your people and to any specific individuals you feel would personally benefit?
For more detailed information and online registration, go to our website:
If you have any queries, please email us on

Knowing God: Winter School
Church on Vogel – 127 Vogel Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North.

Knowing God is the core of the Christian life. In John 17:3 we read that eternal life is to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. In this study series we will discuss thoughts such as:
  • How we come to know God
  • What it means to know God
  • What the purpose of knowing God is
We will also take significant time to think deeply upon who God is as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. To read more, click the link:
Serious about serving

Six boards meeting together for a weekend sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry! Unless the heart of meeting together is to see…
  1. How do we work together more effectively to serve churches, as they seek to renew, plant and grow?
  2. How do we help with the training and sending of young leaders for the church? 
On August 11-13th the boards and senior staff of Stewards, GC3, Pathways, APA, PastorLink, Lichfield Lands and CCCNZ will meet at Willow Park. It’s our hope that the weekend is a small but concrete step toward serving and supporting you and your church in the growth of the gospel.
CCCNZ Administrator needed
Chat with your church leaders, or poke your head into a church office and everyone will tell you the same thing: compliance around financial reporting, health and safety, employment is increasing. Costs are increasing and the time it takes to do administrative tasks is also increasing.

What would happen for the growth of the gospel if there was someone in the background serving churches and support ministries by doing some of the leg work? At CCCNZ, we understand that each church is independent and autonomous, and we don’t want to change that! Churches and support ministries would be free to use as much or as little of the support resources developed by the Administrator and their team as they choose. 

We want to create a team who has access to all the cost-saving initiatives church movements are taking advantage of and then pass that information on to you. We want to create a team that will keep abreast of new legislation and regulations, do some of the administrative leg work for you, and point you to qualified people who are able to serve you.

That's why CCCNZ is looking for an Administrator.

The Administrator's job:
Resourcing Churches & Support Ministries and Trusts
  • Develop and keep current a church and support ministry database. Print a booklet with pertinent contact details.
  • Co-ordinate the creation of a church and support ministry administration manual. This would include up-to-date details on: remuneration, employment, privacy, sexual abuse, charities compliance, financial reporting and health and safety. Keep the administration manual up-to-date, legally compliant and validated by the CCCNZ Board.
  • Keep abreast of legislation with appropriate liaison, as it relates to church and support ministry administration. This includes: remuneration, privacy, sexual abuse, charities, compliance, financial reporting and health and safety.
  • Co-ordinate and provide support to churches and support ministries utilizing network contacts on finance, accounting, loans & investments, taxation.
  • Link to existing providers to give pastors and workers within our churches and support ministries a superannuation.
  • Co-ordinate and provide support on employment agreements for pastors and other staff and co-ordinate professional assistance when needed.
  • Liaise with Stewards Trust on the coordination and provision of health and safety support.
  • Create and co-ordinate teams of qualified people for our churches and support ministries to connect with for formal advice.
  • Create a network of outstanding administrators who can up-skill both potential and current volunteer and paid administrators, throughout our movement.
  • Monthly administrative emailing to churches and support ministries, keeping them up-to-date.
Co-ordinate cost-saving benefits to churches and support ministries:
Identify bulk buying, licensing, and membership arrangements to benefit churches, support ministries, trusts, pastors and ministry staff. Responsibilities would also include the promotion of these cost-saving benefits.
Represent our family of churches to the Department of Internal Affairs:
Liaise with the government on developing a National Celebrants Register for our family of Churches.
Represent CCCNZ at National Inter-Church administration working groups:
  • Ensure our family of churches and support ministries are represented at the Interchurch Working Party on taxation – Wellington based representations to government on legislation affecting churches & not-for-profit organisations.
  • Ensure our family of churches and support ministries are represented at the Inter-Church BureauWellington meetings.
  • Ensure our family of churches and support ministries are represented at the national church leader’s administrators meeting in Wellington.
This is a full- time role and it is ideally based in the Palmerston North office. Please contact Mark Grace, if you would like to chat further about the role or know of someone who would be interested:
Pastors and elders gathering across New Zealand

Pastors and elders are coming together across New Zealand. It’s really encouraging to see the prayer breakfasts, lunches and various gatherings for pastors and elders. 

Wellington Prayer Breakfast for pastors and elders
Saturday, 17th June 2017, 8:45-10:00 am @ Tawa Gospel Hall, 3 Elena Place Tawa.
For more information contact John

Waikato Prayer Breakfast for pastors and elders
Saturday, 17th June 2017, 8:00-10:30 am @ Raleigh Street Christian Centre.

This is an opportunity for local church leaders to catch up, pray, and contribute to the future direction of 
CCCNZ in the greater Waikato. If you intend to come, please let Nick Goodwin know at
Auckland Region Pastors/Full-time Workers Gathering
Tuesday 20th June 12pm @ Eden Community Church.
An opportunity for pastors and full-time workers in the wider Auckland region to get together for mutual prayer, encouragement and fellowship. For more information contact Leighton

APA Auckland regional elders gatherings: JULY 
In July the APA team are organising gatherings of elders across the Auckland Region. This is going to be a fantastic time of meeting together, eating together, praying together and hearing of what God is doing. 

Time spent together will include biblical reflection and exploring potential future topics for APA Seminars.
We will also explore area’s of mutual interest - outreach, equipping, ministry and pastoral leadership. 
APA would also like to update eldership teams on the services and resourcing possibilities through CCCNZ and have an opportunity to respond to these.

North Shore
Contact Campbell Fountain and Richard Hemmingsen

Central Auckland
Contact Andrew Cox and Leighton Mossop

East and South Auckland
Contact Russell Grainger and David Frost

PastorLink Pastors' and Spouses' Retreat
8th-11th of August @ MiCamp Taupo.
The retreat is for those employed by, or giving their time to, a local church as pastors, pastoral workers, community workers, church directors, youth pastors, associate pastors, full-time elders, etc and their spouses.

CLICK HERE to see the website for details or contact Russell Grainger:

Canterbury CCCNZ Elders' Retreat 
11th and 12th August at Living Springs Camp & Conference Centre.
Starting at 6.30pm with dinner and concluding at midday on Saturday: $81 pp for meals and accommodation. Contact Lawson Scott for further details:
Important dates 2017
Staff day for support ministries
Monday, 21st August, 9am-5pm Raleigh Street Christian Centre.
This is an afternoon where leaders from support ministries can come together to network and explore how we can work together to support our churches.
To register your interest, please contact Teri Lauder at

Regional Enabler gathering
October 13th and 14th @ Silverstream. 
Regional Enablers from around New Zealand will meet in Wellington again to pray together and to explore ways of serving you in taking the gospel to New Zealand. 

National Boards Retreat (speaker: Malcolm Gill)
Friday 11th of August, 7.00pm-Sunday 13th of August, 1.15pm. 
The boards of Stewards, Lichfield Lands, the APA, PastorLink, CCCNZ, Pathways and GC3 are meeting together at Willow Park, Auckland. We will spend the weekend considering and praying how we serve the churches more effectively. 

To know more, contact Mark Grace at

CCCNZ board meetings 
  • Friday 11th August, 10-5pm @ Willow Park, Auckland
  • Friday 6th October, 1-5pm, digital meeting
  • Friday 24th November, 1-5pm, digital meeting
If you’d like to chat with the co-board chairs, don’t hesitate to touch base with Gordon Fountain ( or Stuart Bay (
Important dates 2018
CCCAUS AUSTRALIAN National Conference, 2-4th March 2018
Join with Australian church leaders from across CCCAUS churches at the beautiful Phillip Island Adventure Resort. In 2016, a team from CCCNZ attended the conference and the organisers were immensely encouraged to have us. In 2018, we are keen to take a larger Kiwi delegation. Let Teri know if you are interested in joining us:

CCCNZ regional conferences - 2018
Otago/Southland 11th-12th May @ Lakeland Park
Canterbury 18th-19th May @ Rutland Street Church
Kapiti Coast 7th-8th September @ Forest Lakes
Auckland 14th-15th September @ Willow Park

International Brethren Conference on Missions
The 7th International Brethren Conference on Mission (IBCM) is to take place at the Hotel Selene, Pomezia, Rome, Italy from Monday 24 - Friday 28 June 2019.
Russell Thorp from GC3 will be leading a Kiwi delegation.
Contact Russell for more details: Russell Thorp
Contact Regional Enablers
CCCNZ Regional Enablers are pastors and elders who have a desire to draw us together to better see the good news of Jesus flourishing in our regions.
Manawatu: Regional Enabler
Kerry (& Aliza) Rickard
Elder/Discipleship Pastor, Kingston Community Church, Palmerston North
p: 022 439 2507
Invercargill: Regional Enabler 
David (& Denise) Gibson
Elder, Rosedale Bible Church, Invercargill
p: 027 439 5166
Canterbury: Regional Enabler 
Lawson (& Lee-Ann) Scott
Elder, Rutland Street Church, Christchurch
p: 029 630 0980
Northland: Regional Enabler 
Andrew (& Megan) Clemow
Pastor, Clark Road Chapel 
p: 027 281 3514
Otago: Regional Enabler 
Lindsay (& Pam) Martin
Elder, Caversham Community Church, Dunedin
p: 021 058 7795
Wellington: Regional Enabler 
John (& Christine) Barris
Elder, Tawa Gospel Hall
p: 027 257 8857

Waikato: Regional Enabler
Nick (& Jo) Goodwin
Pastor, Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge
p: 027 417 8205

 APA: Auckland Partnership of Assemblies
Rod Edwards: APA Chairman
Richard Hemmingsen: APA Administrator
The Final Word
There is a lot happening across the country over the next few months. It’s a delight to see us coming together for the sake of the gospel.

This is my hope and prayer from 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 "May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word."

Mark Grace
Ambassador of CCCNZ

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