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I was talking with an elder the other week regarding some documents and when I asked him if there was anything else that he needed he said ‘Danielle, we don’t know what we don’t know’.

So true.

I’m really enjoying putting these resources together for our churches but, knowing how big the need is, and how varied we work, what I’m enjoying the most is being in contact with the various administrators working within ministry at their churches and finding out what works well, what they need and how they can use what they have already developed to share around the other churches. 

So it’s all about communication out-flowing into supporting others resource wise.

To assist with this communication we now have a closed Facebook group for those of us serving in this ministry. This group is searchable on Facebook but all the contents (discussion, files etc) are only available to members--making it a great forum for in-depth discussion and sharing.

Use the link below to join the group, we have an introductions thread up and running so pop in and say hi.
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This is a national community for our church administrators. We encourage and equip each other by sharing expertise, asking questions, and offering ide...

We're on the road!

As I write this we’ve just had our first session, pulling together those in our Auckland churches who are involved in administration and enjoying some time getting to know each other and share resources and ideas.

Some feedback from the first session:

“Love the face to face connection and the general overview”

“Thanks heaps - love the prayers and godly focus throughout.”

These sessions are free and a great time to get together with those serving in our churches in this vital ministry, so please consider coming along when we are in your region.

Use the links below to find out more info and register:

Waikato (September 17)
Manawatu (September 26)
Christchurch (October 3)
Wellington (Coming in November, more info to follow)

Latest resources

We have some updated resources around Child Protection Policies on our website that your church may find useful if you are not working in this area yet.

We also have a strategic budgeting tool included which walks you through setting long term (3 year) strategic goals for your ministries, pulling this through to 12 month plans to effectively manage and assign resources to achieve these.

I have really appreciated hearing back from churches throughout the country who are following along with the Health and Safety Toolbox. Toolbox four--Event Planning--is now up on the website and includes tools to manage various ministries and events that your church runs.
Visit our Resource Library

Payment for speakers

Does your church pay honorariums to visiting speakers?

A few queries have come up recently so some clarification regarding this is below and on our Resource Library under Finances.  
The main point to note is that consideration needs to be made to the tax implications of this based on Inland Revenue requirements.
  • If the payment is being made to someone who is already on the payroll, tax needs to be deducted from their payment at their standard PAYE rate.
  • If the payment is being made to someone who is not on the payroll then tax will need to be deducted at the schedular contractor rate through Inland Revenue unless they can show evidence of a certificate of exemption from Inland Revenue.
  • If the payment is a reimbursement of expenditure (i.e. reimbursing the speaker for travel), than receipts will need to be kept to confirm this and no tax implications are taken as per the payment.
For a speaker's gift to be non-taxable, the payment needs to be made from one organisation to another, rather than to an individual. For a gift to an individual to be non-taxable, the gift needs to be unconditional (no direct service is provided which relates to the payment).

Asbestos workplans

We have had a few discussions with Stewards recently regarding the Health & Safety (Asbestos) Regulations which came into force on April 4 this year.

Jointly we would like to communication some things to be mindful as churches in this area:
  • With our church buildings and services we are to be mindful and proactive in the management of asbestos within our assets and it is more likely this will be an issue if our buildings were built prior to 2000.
  • If asbestos is known to be present then a management plan should be put in place for this.
  • Before any maintenance, demolition or upgrades are started, and there is the potential for asbestos, it is recommended that advice is obtained from competent independent contractors or professionals experienced in this area. Another source may be from your local council.
If we can assist further please do contact us here at CCCNZ and we can work with your church and Stewards to give advice moving forward. In the meantime we will continue to give advice of any resources or support as they become available.


Thanks to the churches who jumped on board with our Church Copyright Licence (CCL) group scheme through CCLi. 

These have closed off for the year but if you missed out this year, keep your eye out next June/July for the next round.



The annual celebrants renewal is coming around soon, but this year it is slightly different. 

CCCNZ will still manage the annual registration like last year, but this year we have been granted independent registration, therefore if you come with us, you will be listed on their website as a celebrant registered with CCCNZ. Previously all our celebrants fell under the catchall category of Brethren.

CCCNZ Office Manager Sheri Franklyn will be working through this over the next few months so if this includes you, keep an eye out for communication. Or get in touch directly:

Contact me:

I am here to support you as National Administrator and would love to hear more about how I can be developing resources to help make your job a little easier or straightforward.

Please get in touch by calling me on 027 354 4172 or send me an email,
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