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Happy New Year from SoapBox!

We are a cinema production and social activism organizing entity, joining the passions of filmmaking and structural social change through creative producing, independently funded digital media projects, top-notch organizing initiatives and anything else our creative activists can imagine. Let your new year be one of creative integrity and radical change.

We have been slowly growing for over two years now. Take a look below to view some of our projects and initiatives. Find more at

Chicago Votes Interview Series (Fall 2015)

We teamed with Chicago Votes to create an interview series featuring young organizers telling stories about their personal and professional lives, including what it's like to grow up in an over-policed neighborhood in Chicago. These young organizers shared their perspective on police accountability, Chicago Public Schools, community safety, Black Lives Matter, and why they've chosen to work toward getting young people registered to vote and involved in the political process.

Blue Notes (2014)

Blue Notes is an award-winning short piece that follows a man on his deathbed, looking back at his life, not with regret or satisfaction, but rather, with curiosity of how things could have been different. With this project, we implemented a strong visual strategy through the classic 2D imaging technique one-point perspective. Virtually the entire piece is shot in this perspective as we blend together multiple worlds in (seemingly) one long shot to illustrate the continuous nature of time.
Humble Beginnings

What's Beef? (2013)

What started originally as an academic paper, this was SoapBox's first long-form documentary. It investigates an “art reflects culture” mantra, serving as a leftist critique of the common critiques of hip-hop, stating that there are larger structural societal ills present that create the communities of which “gangsta rap” is birthed as a response.

Get on Your SoapBox...

We are looking to keep the momentum from 2015 going, which means we need all of the help we can get! Soapbox is currently looking for...

  • Producers
  • Cinematographers
  • Screenwriters
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • Video Editing
Join Us!

We have lots on the docket for 2016.

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Lastly, producing films and changing the socio-political landscape at the structural level isn't cheap! If you like are work, please feel free to support us with a donation. Any and every donation is greatly appreciated!
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