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Millions have experienced profound healing from ethnobotanicals / Millions more remain cut-off from reliable access / We dedicate this to those currently waiting for access / Safe, supportive, legal access and integration is upcoming / The plants are talking and we are walking


March 2016 Newsletter

Deepening Listening @ The Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies

"Imagine a planet where plants have learned to communicate. In this imaginary world they can exchange information and even make themselves understood by animals, including the most complex animals, humans."
-Stefano Mancuso & Alessandra Viola in Brilliant Green - The Surprising History and Scince of Plant Intelligence

IN FOCUS: It's here.

March Public Hours  : Tuesday - Thursday
10 to Noon & 2 to 4pm

 44 West 7th Downtown Eugene

Are you a reader? Like free tea?
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"Throughout history and around the world, humans have sought to expand their minds, heal themselves and deepen their connection [with] ancestors, nature and the cosmos through the use of plants with special psychoactive properties."
-Ayahuasca Defense Fund in ADF Support Criteria

SASSAFRAS: Sweet tea to Gumbo!
"The people can trade in my leaves, but governments lock up my roots. But true love is head to toe, root to flower."  -Sassafras Tree

"I can plant, grow, and raise one or two of these trees but they won't let me let it care for me. Wanna sell it back to me."  -Human Being

"Safrole oil manufacturing is a big business...severe deforestation and erosion scar the mountainous areas around the factories...jury-rigged distilleries are perilous at best, and explosions are not unknown. Nearby streams... fouled by factory waste, their delicate ecosystems poisoned." -Concerned Cambodians

From London street corner tea shops to big Southern potlucks; how the Sassafras tree was fully utilized. Now "offers" its' heart warming properties with Big Pharma. Why? For easing the PTSD symptoms of veterans and promoting healthier love relationships. But what about the forest?

"Because sassafras oil is a suitable precursor for the illegal manufacture of MDMA, it is now a controlled substance worldwide and is almost never sold, even in small amounts."
-Christian Ratsch: in The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants

WHY? Our new logo.

There are decades of scientific work ahead, liberating Nature from the sidelines of health and wellness. We offer education & classes for all. We also work to encourage further research and development of such plants, honoring the intrinsic wholeness within. Indigenous wisdom, respected; feedback invaluable.

"...they claim the plants themselves taught them how to make the brew". 

Q&A: In Lane County: Alan Cohn, MD

Q: "...Your thoughts on folks attempting to use LSD to heal psychiatrically diagnosed conditions such as autism. Especially, when he says if this goes good I'll return to my IT job on Monday and if it doesn't I'll end up homeless (in a half joking way)?"

A: "...tryptamines assisting people in making changes in understanding, viewpoint and symptom management during and after a session. In my view, those with autism spectrum conditions clearly do best when the drug experience is in the context of an ongoing and more comprehensive approach. A single experience may bring insights and some changes, but without ways of continuing to focus on and practice more effective living skills, usually with the therapeutic support of someone over time, the progress often seems to fade over time."

"A man with Aspergers undergoes a 700ug LSD trip. Do psychedelics affect an Autistic person differently? This short documentary may hold some answers"
-Youtube Video in
LSD with Autism: A Live Experience

LOCAL VOICES: Real Issues.

Ken was an artist, writer, inner space cadet and prophetic leader of all things zany, humorous, colorful and strobe. And he could plow a field - a 20th century Renaissance saint and quintessential traveler. Ken Kesey and a grandson graduated from University of Oregon that preserved Keseys' collection.

Ken and a merry band catalyzed sea changes in culture, music, art, spiritual practices, lifestyles, celebrations, language, occupations, attire. He and Eugene will rise as waves in histories' groove.

Rolling Stone observes that many Silicon Valley techies now take LSD micro doses (1/10 of a hit) to enhance creativity! 4,500 Lane County techies may be here for more reasons than on resumes.

"Creative positive energies invite imaginative possibilities of which this world of mortality is but a shadow!"
-From a Kesey Square Advocate

TRAVEL: Each tree waving.

Mark your Calanders. The 10th Annual Women's Visionary Congress takes place on June 17-19th at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Earthrise Retreat Center, Petaluma, California. 

"As the ecology militarized, the loving Mother-Queen found herself managing constant warfare...".
-Dan Russell in Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda: Patriarchy and the Drug War

Educational Public Charity Organization


Available for check-out at our public lending library collection.

"A new paradigm for treatment"
Rethinking Substance Abuse: What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do about It edited by William R. Miller and Kathleen M. Carroll

Downtempo, psychedelic dub, and space rock vibrations from the Russian Far East."
Tales from the Colored Teepee by Shamanizm Parallelli (donate to Ektoplazm, too)

"are the roots of religion in pharmacy?"
Astrotheology and Shamanism by Gnostic Media

"imagine learning how to create sustainable changes that last long after a trip"

"The more you go inside the world of Teonanacatl... you see our past and our future, which are there together as a thing already achieved, already happened... I know and saw God: an immense clock that ticks, the spheres that go slowly around, and inside the stars, the earth, the entire universe, the day, the night... He who knows to the end of the secret of Teonanacatl can even see that infinite clockwork." -Maria Sabina
-Shultes RE, Hofmann A, "Plants of the Gods"


"For example, the hippies of the 1960s and the ravers of the 1990s each preached freedom and individuality, yet each culture had strictly controlled tribal uniforms, politics, musical styles, and rituals, and ostracized outsiders as being squares or unhip. This indicates that psychedelic tribal organization and identity re-invention is not a linear function of freedom or expression of social liberation, but is instead a nonlinear amplification of the typical motivators of social elitism, the fears of being ostracized, and the reinforcements of tribal acceptance; all of which strongly effect identity-based neuroplasticity. Presumably, any tribe, cultural group, religion, cult, or government can employ psychedelic neuroplasticity to similar social organizing effect."

James L. Kent in in Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason

YOU CAN: Help make it happen
(Ethnobotanical Equality)

YOUR HANDS: Our health freedom
(Institutional Reform) 





"At its deepest level cross-institutional change, refers to changes in the ideas that govern institutions."

A Personal Statement
from Harm Reduction
Expert Jeffrey Sutton
of Lane County, Oregon

"Empower yourself with knowledge and the experience necessary to further the cause of life and living in a health-first manner, in whichever way you understand life and living."


Discover where and why the rules can change. Psychoactives (all of them) may soon be banned in the UK; except alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.


Thank you,
Dragibus Magazine!

We thank the fine publishers and contributors for re-invigorating monthly ethnobotanical literature.

Dragibus' recent donation of their publications stretching back to 2013 has brought joy to our public lending library.

Dragibus = Gorgeous = 10x Strength
If you appreciated the Entheogen Review of the 1990's and early 2000's, hop over to Dragibus now or come read for free.


Tuesday - Thursday Only
10 to Noon & 2 to 4pm

In March of 2016, will be providing a free cup of hot tea to readers of Dragibus Magazine at our Public Lending Library @ 44 West 7th Avenue. Please sign in at the front desk and ask for
"Dragibus @"


Let's get together and find out! A guided tour with a Lane County Historical Museum curator; with an ECfES ethnobotanical twist.
------->March 22, 2016 at 11:00AM
(Limited Space Available)

740 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Lane County Historical Society: No Harm Intended

The Mariposa Woodland is located near Spencer’s Butte. Come explore key habitats of Eugene such as oak-pine woodland, savanna, and prairie.  This land contains many large heritage trees, some which are more than 500 years old.  In addition, Mariposa has high quality ground vegetation which contains many native grasses and flowers.
------->April 2, 2016 at 11:00AM
(subject to change)

(Limited Space Available)

Fox Hollow and Donald, Eugene, OR 97405
Mariposa Woodlands

Bringing together students, community members, visionary artists, and psychedelic researchers and explorers, the first event in 2014 was a resounding success with several hundred participants. 2015 was even better, with speakers from all over the western US and four countries, spanning two days of stellar presentations. 2016... 
-------> Free Public Conference
------->April 7th and 8th

Exploring Psychedelics in Culture, Religion & Science at Southern Oregon University

"Medicinal Footprint: What is the environmental cost of your current health care options? Could ethnobotanical medicine lower your carbon-footprint and bring greater alignment between your health and a sustainable eco-system? How can we shift our Medicinal Footprint with ethnobotanical plants?".

ECfES Monthly Newsletter

Internships With ECfES

Are you seeking an internship? Passionate about plants? Know a bit about social media?  Get in touch!

Global = Grassroots

Congratulations on the launch of the Ayahuasca Defense Fund, a new NGO that recognizes the benefit of legal expertise.

Looking Closer is One of Many.

We meet with the local start-up incubator community, including those working in bio-technology, software, and other fields of inquiry. Ethnobotanical science, non-profit "open source" medicine is here. is Independent.

We not only offer public classes, but develop relationships with local scientists and researchers who are also interested in ethnobotanicals. As such, we found it fitting to work with them, side by side. is Collaboration.

We can wait years for medicine to integrate ethnobotanicals. Or we can work together, in the epicenter of downtown Eugene, beating in sync with the sustainable open heart of health and healing.
Copyright  2016 Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies, All rights reserved.
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