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We're Going Off The Rails!
To most of our regular customers this'll come as no surprise, but there's nothing to worry about. Most of you know us for our model railways, and rightly so - it's been the major part of our business for the last 39 years. However, in this email we're focussing on plastic kits, and our recent extra efforts to stock a more varied and interesting range. So, if you're a railway modeller only, please don't look away, join us and spread the word as we go off the rails [PS: the model railway pre-owned stock list is still mentioned below]...  
Airfix & Revell - Old Favourites
No doubt these two have featured on nearly everyone's model making journey, as they do prominently on our shelves. Airfix has re-released some old favourites under the 'Vintage' branding, and both brands are marking the moon landing anniversary with selective releases, as well as some new military coming along as well.
Tamiya & Italeri
Perhaps every model maker recognises these two brands for quality and value for money. We've always stocked a good selection of Tamiya - and we're building on that. And more recently we've boosted the Italeri presence on the shelves, with both military and civilian types, so pop in for a good browse.
Roden & Emhar - Interesting
Two very interesting brands - Roden offers a wonderful array of aircraft, and Emhar offers some great WWI military vehicles. We keep reasonable stock of both so feel free to pop in - and if by chance what you're after has already gone from the shelves, let us know and we'll order some more in for you.
And More Military Might
What a fantastic selection of military models there is today. Whether your preference is land, sea or air, we stock - and can source from - a variety of manufacturers including Academy, AFV Club, Pegasus, Plastic Soldier, Takom, Thunder, Trumpeter, Zvezda. All of these brands are represented on our shelves.
Aoshima & Tamiya Bikes & Cars
We try to keep an interesting range of non-military/non-avaition models in stock as well. Many of you will know Tamiya for their excellent range of cars and bikes, but we also stock Aoshima - a very viable alternative to Tamiya and often producing some really interesting models that Tamiya don't do.
Airfix Quickbuild & Revell Easykit
What a great affordable way of getting the younger ones into model making. They don't require paint or glue - just assemble and put on display. It couldn't be easier and more rewarding, and to be honest, I quite enjoy building them myself.
Pre-owned Kits
We also have a small selection of pre-owned kits - Eduard, Airfix, and Tamiya. Checked before they're put on the shelves, all are in very good condition and some of them come with additional detailing components included. Come and see what we have.
Model Makers Club Discount
Not just for our hardcore model railway customers.  If you're a member of a model-making club and can produce a valid membership card at point of purchase, then you could be eligible for a discount. Just remember to ask when you're at the counter.
Tools, Paints & Materials
We stock a great range of tools that'll keep your model making going, along with Humbrol, Revell, and Tamiya paint to help finish them off nicely. And if you're into scratch building and dioramas, we've got plenty of materials, including Plastikard and scenics to help you out as well.
Pre-owned Stock List - UPDATED
It's still here - even though we're focussing on plastic kits in this email, we're not forgetting our model railway enthusiasts, and as we do with every email, we're letting you know of updates to our pre-owned offering. It's still very active so click the image for the very latest stock list.
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