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 Shop Re-opening Thursday 18th June!
GREAT NEWS! As most of you will be aware, Boris is allowing non-essential shops to re-open from 15th June - though some of us will no doubt argue that model-making needs are essential. So, with Social Distancing measures in place as much as we can, the shop will re-open for business Thursday 18th June. Wahey! Click for more info.
A Big Thank You!
Although we're not completely free of the very necessary  Social Distancing measures just yet, I would like to say a big 'thank you' to all of our customers who have supported us during the lockdown period so far. It's hugely appreciated and has made a lot of difference. Thank you!
Mail Order - It Carries On
As you can imagine our mail-order service has picked up a lot during lockdown. And as the shop moves to a more digital set-up, you'll (sometime) be able to buy directly from our website however, that's not an excuse for you to stay away from the shop. Your presence will always be expected, otherwise, how are we all going to put the world to rights?
Local Drop-Offs Available
We've kept this fairly quiet, otherwise Granville's legs just won't last, but as some of you have already benefitted from during the lockdown, we do offer local drop-offs. Intended solely for our local customers who are in difficult circumstances due to Covid-19, and not able to visit our shop as they ordinarily would do. It's not a general 'take-away delivery service' available to all, but do contact us for more info if it could help you.
More Electrickery
Just an update to let you know we've been working hard during the lockdown, waving our digital wands for some mind-boggling magicery, towards more efficient stock management and till operations. It's going well but will still take considerable effort. To cast the stock-taking spell takes some seriously linguistic poncing-toggling.
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