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DeepFlight Dragon:
The World's Most Amazing Gift

“This sub makes diving 400 feet below
the surface as easy as driving a jet ski”

- Robb Report

Providing the perfect ending to a successful year, the DeepFlight Dragon graces the cover of the December issue of Robb Report, being
named one of The World’s 31 Most Amazing Gifts.  
Still looking for the ultimate holiday gift, look no further!

2015: The Year of the DeepFlight Dragon


The Dragon continues to deliver on the vision of DeepFlight’s founder, Graham Hawkes, in providing lightweight, intuitive and safe submarines that open up the oceans for personal exploration. The follow-up to the DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II, the Dragon might look like a Formula One racecar, but it’s innovative technology enables pilots to dive, fly and hover easily underwater.

After successful testing in Lake Tahoe, the DeepFlight team traveled to Europe to officially launch the Dragon at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. The exhibit was followed by a program of demonstration dives for prospective buyers, client representatives and the media.
Top: Ready to explore the Mediterranean Sea with Monaco’s Musée Océanographique in the background
Bottom: Diving below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea

2016: The Year of Underwater Exploration

Now it’s your turn to explore the ocean and experience underwater life like you’ve never seen it. In the coming months, DeepFlight will be hosting international dive events for qualified prospects. For more information on schedule and locations, contact DeepFlight.


"The sub handled beautifully -- straight down smoothly, straight up 100 feet, bursting through the surface of the water. We went in search of Great White Sharks when suddenly one appeared. Graham Hawkes, the genius behind the submarine, was shouting like an excited schoolboy, and so was I."
- Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

"Super Falcon is a masterpiece. It has exceeded my wildest imagination."
- Tom Perkins, Venture capitalist, Owner of a DeepFlight Super Falcon 

"A great experience, part of the beauty being in the simplicity and safety of the vehicle and the ease of operation."
Tim Wiltshire, Group Sales Director, Burgess Yachts

"An exciting new addition in the superyacht toys market, the sub takes underwater flight to a whole new level with hover and fly."
- Jonathan Zwaans, Luxury Yacht Broker, Y.CO

Global Media Coverage

DeepFlight received extensive coverage throughout 2015 from some of the world’s leading yachting, travel, business and technology outlets. 
"It's a slightly odd sensation, because for the first time I'm breathing normally underwater with no scuba gear, no snorkeling gear. It's literally just me in this hemispheric globe which is allowing me to experience the underwater world in a completely different way."
- Richard Taylor, BBC News
"By reimagining the submarine to fall in line with owner requirements, DeepFlight has made ocean exploration more attainable."
- Rory Jackson, SuperYacht Design

"It might appear like a futuristic racecar, but the DeepFlight Dragon is a two-person submersible able to plunge 120 meters beneath the waves."
- CNN “MYS 2015 - Must Have Toys”

"As the pilot in a boundless sea, you have the freedom to chart your own course and explore a piece of the planet no human has seen before."
- Brian L. Wang, Next Big Future

"We have a craft that anybody, and I mean anybody, can take safely down and fly."
- Stuff TV Innovators

"The DeepFlight ‘Dragon’ enables complete freedom to cruise alongside deep coral reefs and hover over ancient shipwrecks."
- DesignBoom

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"We are going to go explore the oceans. We are going to give access.
We have to because until we do, we don't understand the planet."

- Graham Hawkes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DeepFlight
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