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Day 2 - Pregnancy, Deposits and Oral Pathology Chart

Day 2 –
How is everyone doing so far?  I hope you took the last email and really followed the PDF file and mock exam sample.   The point is you study from start to finish over this weeks emails and you will be off to a great start (or finish) to the board exam :). It helps to have a plan doesn’t it?

I want to talk about a few things for Day 2 – not following an order per say but two topics students often forget.  Pregnancy AND Plaque.  Let’s go over pregnancy first shall we?

  1. Pregnancy – the chapters briefly skim over this in all the textbooks you have but it’s extremely important.  The key things to note first are:
    1. The best time to treat a pregnant client is in her 2ND TRIMESTER
    2. You CAN take x-rays on a pregnant lady but only if 100% NECESSARY (meaning an abscess or tooth is so painful you need to get that x-ray to see what’s going on).  BUT unless the board exam is specific on WHY you are taking an x-ray or x-rays; you DO NOT take x-rays on anyone pregnant.
    3. Click here to download a few slides I want you to have.
  1. Plaque – I know this sounds fun doesn’t it!  Haha, sorry I couldn’t resist. I want to remind you all about the pellicle layer, plaque and calculus.  Remember the pH scale when it comes to acid attacks in the mouth?  Let’s talk about that a little…
    1. The LOWER the number means more acidic = bad
    2. When the pH of plaque falls below 5.5 – the caries process begins
    3. Acid attacks last for 20 minutes
    4. It’s better to eat junk food all at once (one acid attack) vs eating junk food throughout the day (many acid attacks!)
  1. I show you a little more about plaque and calculus formation here.  Why is this important?  We tell our patients to brush TWICE a day and floss ONCE a day – to limit the plaque, bacteria as much as possible.

Did you follow those slides and those points above?  I hope that helps to narrow things down for you a little bit.  Stay tuned for tomorrow – I will be discussing the intra/extra oral examinations and the tongue papilla!  Thanks for reading :).

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