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Some of our most popular posts from March 2016


Women's Health News  - Six of our top stories 

Breakthrough for repeated miscarriage

One in five pregnancies miscarry.  A miscarriage is a traumatic experience for any woman to go through, but multiple miscarriages is heart breaking.  But some women have repeated miscarriages when their chromosomes are normal.  Scientists at Warwick University have found that some women with repeated miscarriage have stem cell deficiency and accelerated stromal senescence which “limits the differentiation capacity of the endometrium and predispose for pregnancy failure”.   In lay terms this means that some women have a reduced number of stem cells in the womb lining which is causing repeated miscarriage.
Mental health problems – not all in the brain

In a series of programmes ‘In the Mind’ the BBC portrayed mental health problems as brain disorders.  They completely omitted the debate that the environment has an effect on these disorders.   A group of psychologists and other mental health professionals have written an open letter to the BBC.

The letter says “There are ongoing debates among mental health professionals and others, about whether it is meaningful or useful to think of mental health problems as illnesses. There are also debates about whether their origins are necessarily always in the brain, as opposed to being responses  to life events and circumstances.”
Child brides - a global issue

Child brides are still common in many countries. A few years ago there was areport of an 8 year old girl from Yemen who died on her wedding night after suffering bleeding and uterine rupture due to sexual trauma.  Her husband was five times her age.  And today there was a report of a 13 year old Yemen girl dying in similar circumstances.

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Female genital mutilation - why?

FGM comprises all procedures that involve partial or complete removal of the external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non medical reasons (WHO).  

RITES is a powerful play based on interviews with girls, women and families affected by FGM.

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The smokers face:  how smoking accelerates ageing

Smoking can accelerate the ageing process as it affects our skin, teeth and hair.   Ageing occurs due to wrinkles (especially around the eyes and mouth), skin sagging, skin becoming dull, broken blood vessels, age spots, dryness, uneven skin colouring, tooth decay, and thinning and graying of hair.

Smoking causes more facial wrinkling than exposure to the sun.  At age 70, smoking can add 15 years on the appearance of your skin.

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Vaginal seeding:  new research says no

The term “vaginal seeding” describes the use of a gauze swab to transfer maternal vaginal fluid on to an infant born by C section.  A new study states that further research is needed before vaginal seeding is brought in as there is a possibility that it could cause harmful effects.   

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Discussion of the day - Lets get talking

Which of the seven types of breasts highlighted by a lingerie firm do you have?

lingerie firm has highlighted and catered to the fact that all women’s bodies are unique, by identifying seven different types of breasts.

Bras are generally fitted according to the width of the woman’s chest and how far her breasts protrude.

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Do you listen to music?

“Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. And those who practice music therapy are finding a benefit in using music to help cancer patients, aid therapy for children with ADD and others.


Women given period leave to help productivity


A company has introduced a “period policy” in an effort to give women more flexibility and “create a happier and healthier working environment”.

A marketing strategy, clever HR tactics or genuine concern. What do you think?

How did you choose your child's name?

We had a great discussion on the Facebook group about how people choose their children's names.


News in brief - Short summaries of women's health news 

The Clitring

A ring celebrating the most fun part of the female anatomy: The Clitoring. Seriously cool and quite possibly raises even more eyebrows than the answer to what my job is. 

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All women crew land plane in Saudi

Captain Sharifa Czarena Surainy became the first female captain of a flag carrier in Southeast Asia. She told The Brunei Times in 2012: “Being a pilot, people normally see it as being a male dominant occupation.  


Inspiring Stories - Women overcoming obstacles

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson:  the first UK doctor

Elizabeth was a pioneer of women’s rights in medicine and society.  She was also Britain’s first woman mayor and a suffragette. She fought tirelessly for women to have access to high-quality health care and for the right of women to practise medicine. In 1872, at the age of 36, she founded the first British hospital for women in London – which became the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital after her death. In 2008, the hospital’s maternity and neonatal services moved to the new UCLH Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing. 

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9 year old Milla completes 24 hour obstacle course to help end child bullying

“Meet Milla Bizzotto, a 9-year-old from Miami who, this month, became the youngest competitor to complete a 24-hour Battlefrog obstacle course designed by the U.S. Navy for ultra-fit adults. The 53-pound girl ran 36 miles, swam an 8-K course, and crushed 25 obstacles, including climbing up swinging ropes, scaling a 12-foot wall, crawling under barbed wire, and more, for six laps. And she did it all with a clear purpose in mind: to help end child bullying.”




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