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By Nick Licata – author of Becoming a Citizen Activist

 Trump becomes President in less than 6 weeks.

            Trump becomes President in less than 6 weeks. As Time Magazine noted, we have a Divided States not a United States. Our nation’s future, as an open and caring society for all of our people, depends on citizens being engaged in our political process. We cannot afford to walk away from it.
            Justice Louis D. Brandeis wrote in 1927, “The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people.” Citizen vigilance for sustaining a just and responsive democracy is needed now more than ever. 
            That is why I wrote Becoming a Citizen Activist - Stories, Strategies and Advice for Changing Our World; I want to share strategies on how to be effective in protecting our rights, our freedoms and our environment. I encourage you to give a copy of Becoming a Citizen Activist during this holiday season to anyone you feel wants to see opportunities for making a difference. 

            You can help others feel empowered to speak out and work with others by spreading the word about Becoming a Citizen Activist.

1) It’s available in libraries stretching from New York to Singapore. Visit and put in your zip code to see if a library near you has a copy. If not, contact your local library and ask them to have one available in either print or digital format – or both.
2) Independent bookstores are the largest source for acquiring the book. Get one from your local bookstore or ask them to stock it. Independent bookstores have the ability to obtain a free promotion copy if they email
3) If you order the book from one of the major retail establishments like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, please take a few moments and rate it on their website so that others are encouraged to read it.
4) If you belong to a book club, see if it would look at this book and others that promote citizen involvement. For instance, the SubText Books store in St. Paul, Minnesota is creating a political action committee for customers that want to get more involved in local politics; Becoming A Citizen Activist will be its first read.
5) If you are a student or teacher and want to look at using this book as a required reading, go to the following website and enter the 
ISBN: 978-1-632-17044-6 to order an exam copy:   Over a dozen universities and colleges are currently using the book.
6) If you would like to schedule a lecture, reading, interview, or discussion with me in your city, please contact

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Thank you for taking your time to read this email.
Ever Onward,
Nick Licata

“This spirited activists’ manual provides many anecdotes of democracy in action and shows how every concerned citizen could find his or her political voice.”


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